Graphic design: top 6 fundamental rules to master design

Learn the fundamental rules of graphic design

What you will learn

How to create beautifully balanced visually-appealing designs

How to apply the 6 fundamental rules

Color effects on human psychology

The best & easiest methods to choose beautiful colors

Know how to create a great design using 6 simple rules


want to learn graphic design & don’t know where to begin? learned photoshop & illustrator & still confused?

don’t worry it’s not your fault… most people think that graphic design is all about learning the tool not the skill it self, which is totally wrong.

you see, learning the tool is important but learning the skill is even MORE important, in this course I’ll teach you:

– the 6 fundamental rules of graphic design

– how to create beautiful balanced visually-appealing designs

– how to apply the 6 fundamental rules

– color psychology

– the best & easiest methods to choose beautiful colors

– what to do after you learned the basic rules of graphic design

Hands-on Class Project

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design a design for a paint shop called (painty):

main text: make your house colorful & joyful

sub text: decorate your house, color your walls & please your eyes through beautiful colors

CTA (Call To Action)/button: learn more

also it’s better to put a picture & you can get photos from unsplash or pixabay

waiting to see your beautiful designs 🙂

for who was this course made?

– This course was literally made for anyone that’s interested about graphic design & know nothing about it , no matter how old he/she is, no matter how old you are, no matter anything.

if you’re a beginner , expert, old or young, this course was made specially for you.. enroll now!





The 6 fundamental rules of graphic design

Negative Space
Practical application on the 6 fundamental rules of graphic design

Color Psychology

Color psychology & How to choose colors
First method to choose colors
Second method to choose colors
Now what? (next steps)
Before you go…

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