Grade 10 Maths: Linear Systems and Matrices (K-12 / UAE)

Grade 10 Maths Revision Course: Suitable for K-12 and United Arab Emirates curriculum. Guaranteed results!

What you will learn

How to graph straight lines and linear inequalities

How to solve systems of equations using various methods

How to use matrices and apply them in mathematics

How to confidently deal with exam questions on these topics


(Please read carefully)

Welcome to this Grade 10 Mathematics course on Linear Systems and Matrices and thank you for choosing us.

This course has been designed for Grade 10 maths students who are using either the K-12 or United Arab Emirates (UAE) curriculum, and need that extra bit of support. If you’re falling behind or have missed lessons in school, then this course is ideal for you.

For those who find maths challenging, we will start by learning the prerequisite topics that will help you in this course. These include solving simple systems of equations and drawing straight lines and inequalities. The course then looks at systems of equations and it’s applications, before going on to matrices.

Every lesson will have a number of questions for you to do at the end. The questions vary in difficulty and have been specially designed to ensure you have a full understanding of the relevant topics. There will also be a final test at the end to see how much you’ve learned. The course is also suitable for the more able mathematician who just needs some extra practice for their exam.

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Important Points:

Please kindly note that this is a course designed to help you quickly and effectively improve upon your maths. It is not meant to be used as a substitute for course material that is used in your class, although it can be used in conjunction with it.

This course refers to an area of mathematics which is normally taught at Grade 10. In some instances, depending on the syllabus, it may be taught at a later grade, or possibly not even at all. Please kindly check that this area of mathematics is on your syllabus before joining this course.

We hope this course will prove to be useful to you and we welcome any positive feedback or suggestions on how we can improve this course.




Course Introduction

Prerequisite Material

Simple Systems of Equations
Drawing Straight Lines on a Graph
Graphing Linear Inequalities

Systems of Equations

Solving Systems of Equations
Solving Systems of Inequalities
Linear Programming
Solving Systems of Equations with 3 Variables


Looking at Matrices
Operations with Matrices
Multiplying Matrices
Solving Systems of Equations using Cramer’s Rule
Solving Systems of Equations using Inverse Matrices

Practice Questions

Practice Questions

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