Google Analytics for Beginners | Mastering the 7 Reports

Google Analytics full set up + Top 7 reports – drive sales and traffic for your website. Google Analytics for Beginners.

What you will learn

Create backup to google analytics data

Link google analytics and google search console

Link google analytics and google adwords

Enable ecomerce

Enable demographics and interests

Enable remarketing

Create remarketing lists

Create goals

Create signals

Create e-mail reports

Create personalized dashboards

Link google analytics and udemy

Perform a basic analysis of the data

Google Analytics for Beginners set up


Hello, my name is Grigor Yovov.

I am Certified Google Analytics Expert. I’d love to help beginners in Google Analytics 2018 to properly set up their accounts.

I have more than 10 years’ of experience in managing google analytics accounts in variety of niches.

★★★★★ Greate course, easy to follow and very practical oriented! – Zlatan Ivanov

★★★★★ A useful and understandable course for Google Analytics. Thank you! – Elitsa Kaloyanova

★★★★★ Perfect explanation of basic thing needed for GA – Grigor Nikolov

I create this Google Analytics for Beginners course because I find a lot of people suffering from missing or incorrect google analytics major settings.

As an example, do you know how to restore yours google analytics data if exigently create a wrong filter or other mistake?

Let me help you – you can’t!

Yes, you heard me right!

Google analytics data is one-way ticket and if you damage it. You cannot turn it back!

And there is no automated backup, so you need to create one as soon as possible to protect your data.

In this course I’ll show you how to create such a backup. 

Other example are the signals!

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Do you know that you don’t need to open google analytics every day to track important information, if you adjust signals in your account?
They will save you a thon of time and will alarm you if important event occurs.

There are bunch of other important settings you need to properly adjust for yours google analytics account if you are a beginner.


  • How to link google analytics with adwords?
  • How to create signals and goals?
  • How to create email reports and remarketing lists?
  • And many others.

The course is structured precisely to be really actionable for beginners in Google Analytics!

Every lesson is divided to introduce you what we’ll do.

Why it is important.

And how to make it click by click.

The idea of the course is to let you open yours google analytics account and just repeat the proper settings.

At the end of the day you will have fully functioning google analytics account.

You will be able to properly monitor your website visitors and analyses the correct data in this Google Analytics for Beginners course.

Enroll today and boost yours google analytics!



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Google Analytics Reports
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Behavior Report Analysis
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Backup your Google Analytics data & User sharing
How to grant access for other users
How to create a backup copy of your Google Analytics data
Linking Google Analytics with other platforms
Link Google Analytics and Google AdWords
Link Google Analytics and Google Search Console
Ecommerce & Remarketing in Google Analytics for Beginners
How to Enable Ecommerce Tracking in Google Analytics
How to Enable Remarketing in Google Analytics
How to Create Remarketing Lists in Google Analytics
How to Enable Demographic and Interests in Google Analytics
Reporting in Google Analytics [Google Analytics for Beginners]
How to Create Goals in Google Analytics
How to Set Up Signals in Google Analytics
How to Set Up E-mail Reports in Google Analytics
How to Create Personalized Dashboards in Google Analytics
Additional Analytics
2 Spots From Where To Start Your Analysis
Link Google Analytics and Udemy
Google Analytics for beginners additional materials
Google Analytics Training
Google Analytics for Ecommerce
Google Analytics Articles Part 1
Google Analytics Articles Part 2
Google Analytics Articles Part 3
Bonus section
Bonus lecture – promo voucher to all my courses

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