Google Ads Targets & Goals | For Agencies & Freelancers

How to build proper Google Ads Targets & Goals that will retain your clients

What you will learn

How to build Goals for Google Ads

How to set targets

How to negotiate goals with potential clients

How to prioritize & structure the goals


How many times have you faced a client with unrealistic or poorly defined advertising goals?

It’s not their fault!

It’s your job as an expert to provide expertise and put order into their world in order to gain progress & profit.

This is not a technical course despite we need to touch on the topic of numbers and formulas at some point, this is more of a business course since the very same strategy keeps my business alive since 2011.

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The foundation of the performance marketing service no matter we speak about Google Ads, Facebook Ads or other platforms is the right goals set up.

  • What is a good goal?
    • It motivates
    • Makes you think
    • Inspires you
    • Rewards you
    • Leads you to concrete actions
    • It takes you to a new path
    • It is measurable
    • Data based
    • Exactly to the point
    • Achievable
    • Relevant at the moment
    • With a precise deadline
    • That keeps the customers
    • Profitable
    • Continuously Developing

About the author of this course: Grigor has been the owner of the digital agency Business Trend since 2011. Bachelor of Marketing. Founder of a number of courses on the Udemy platform with more than 20,000 students. Certified Google Ads & Google Analytics expert with more than 10 years of practical experience. He will soon publish his first book, the Google Analytics Kickstarter Guide, with BPB Publications, one of Asia’s largest e-book publishers.



The right Concept of Goals & Targ
Expectations vs. Reality
Won’t I lose money?
Setting Targets & Goals for Google Ads
Pyramid of Goals
The Big Picture
Types of Goals & Variables
What is a Good Goal? Context & Specifics.
Data collection. Scaling and Cyclicity.
Case Studies
Profitability Validation Google Ads Goals for Software company
Work Goals for Pizza Delivery Google Ads
Final words

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