Galatians Bible Study in 1 Minute #Shorts

Fast yet thorough, verse by verse understanding of Galatians


What You Will Learn

Understand Paul’s Message that Salvation is By Grace, not Works

Appreciate Paul’s Dilemma in Working with New Disciples

Understand Faith over works Through the Old Testament

Know Why the Law if Salvation is By Fatih


  • Open Heart to Learn
  • Plus: Read through Galatians (takes 10 minutes online or at home)


The Bible and Paul have an important message–Salvation is by faith and NOT works.  This is antithetical to every faith system in the world, because salvation is a gift.  This is the message that the Apostle Paul is emphasizing in Galatians.  False teachers had come in and were saying that the believers needed to follow works of the Law to be saved.  Paul writes a stinging letter back.  It’s the Letter to the Galatians.

If you want a course that gives you a good idea of the gospel message found in Galatians, then this is the course for you.  It is set in 1 minute increments and covers important questions such as:

  • Where in the Old Testament is faith taught and not works?
  • Why if salvation is by faith is there the Law of Moses?
  • How important is this topic?
  • What if someone has an angelic encounter later in history that is different than this message?
  • What was the problem the apostle Paul was addressing?

Take this course and by the end the goal is that you will have an improved understanding of the letter and the message to the Galatians.  It’s important as the Letter to the Galatians gives us a clear picture of what the gospel of Jesus Christ is and is not.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner to Advanced

Course content

8 sections • 33 lectures • 45m total length

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  • Introduction


  • Ethnically Diverse Beginning


  • The First Missionary Journey


  • Why Paul Needed to Write Galatians (Urgently)


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