Fundamentals of Music Theory: Notes, Scales and Chords

Want to learn how to read notes? Wanna go further and learn about scales and chords? Then this course is for you!

Reading musical notes

Constructing scales and chords


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Did you know that reading notes is very easy and even trivial? Did you know that by learning a few fundamental rules of music theory, you too can compose your own songs and distinguish yourself from others DJs and Music Producers?

If you want a concise and straight to the point course of music theory, look no more! Whatever your musical level is, this class is for you. Together we will learn in depth about these 3 following sections:

  1. Notes: where I teach you how to read notes, a fundamental aspect in the study of music theory
  2. Scales: where I teach you what sequence of notes belong together to form a consonance
  3. Chords: where I teach you what set of notes together form a major, minor, 7th, … chords, essential to study progressions

These constitute the fundamentals. From there, you will grasp some basic concepts that will allow you to go further in your musical journey, like getting more in-depth with musical theory, harmony, songwriting and so on.

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Such set of tools are required as a fundamental, for whatever your musical journey is. Whether you decide to just start is as a hobby, are musically curious, or want to start from scratch and reach next levels, you can consider this as your 101 guide.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in learning music
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