Forex-Trading for beginners: Trade with a system

Theoretical and practical basics to trade derivates on the Metatrader 4 platform.

What you will learn

A good starting foundation

Necessary terminology

Deeper market understanding

Entry to basic risk management

Practical know-how

Expectational outlooks


Welcome Traderfriend! Trading doesn’t have to be complicated. You’ve come to the right place if you’re still a complete beginner in trading and are looking for the right start. In the basic course, you will be taught theoretical and practical basics of forex trading in a beginner-friendly manner. The course is therefore divided into two sections – theory and practice. The goal is to get you in shape for strategic trading in the foreign exchange market.

In the theoretical part you will be introduced to the topic of forex trading, necessary terms will be explained and basic concepts will be illustrated. This includes initial themes such as: pips, lots, leverage, stop loss and take profit. Trends and Support & Resistance will be clarified. Differences between broker platforms, Metatrader 4 and Tradingview are explained to get a clear picture of what is used when and how. Furthermore, concepts are presented that offer you a good introduction to risk management. You can find out more about this in the video understanding risk and expectations.

In the second part, great emphasis is placed on practice. Within the Metatrader 4 software, you will be shown how you exactly execute your first trade and calculate your risk. You will be shown how to use MT4 on the PC and mobile phone. In addition pending orders and their use in different scenarios will be demonstrated. In the basic course, you will be prepared for our strategy course with the necessary terminology, understanding of the market, basic risk management and healthy expectations for foreign exchange trading (Forex Trading), so that you can then understand and implement trading strategies. Practical examples will show you which functions in MT4 are used and why. The various order types market execution, buy stop, sell stop are also presented and their benefits explained.

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What will you learn in the course:

  • Deeper market understanding
  • The necessary terminology
  • Risk management
  • Proper expectation
  • Practical know-how
  • Emotional stability

What you won’t learn in the course:

  • An encyclopedia of indicators
  • Complex and unnecessary content
  • The History of Bitcoin, Trading, Forex etc.




Basic Course I – Theoretical

What is Forex?
What are Pips, Lots and Leverage?
What are Stop Loss and Take Profit?
Trading platforms: Brokers, MT4 and Tradingview
Understanding risk and expectation
What are Trends, Support & Resistance and Hedging?
Emotional stability

Basic Course II – Practical

Work with MT4 on PC?
Work with MT4 on Smartphone
Work with Tradingview
Market Execution and Pending Orders
How to open and manage trades?
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