Fast Track Your Career to Become an IT Leader and CIO

Learn the skills and acumen of an IT Leader and acceleaete your career from wherever you are.

What you will learn

You will learn how to accelerate your career journey to become a CIO from wherever you are

You will gain top-down view of IT Organization

You will gain the acumen and language of the leaders

You will start showing your improved value to your supervisor immediately


Why target for less. Think big and improve skills and aim for the ultimate IT Leadership role. This course teaches you the required technical skills, business skills, and leadership skills needed to carve your path to becoming a CIO eventually. You can easily save 2 to 5 years from your career journey, depending on where you are.

I am an IT Executive with 25 years of experience in multiple progressive roles. Professional with Advanced Executive Program from MIT Sloan and MBA from Ross Business School UMich. I am certified in CISSP, TOGAF, CISM, COBIT, ITIL, PMP, SAFe SPC, CGEIT, CISA. I am very passionate about teaching as well as learning. I am committed to sharing my knowledge to help others climb their IT careers.

You will learn how to accelerate your career journey to become a CIO from wherever you are. You will gain the acumen and language of the leaders. You will gain top-down view of the IT Organization. You will start showing your improved value to your supervisor immediately.

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You will start seeing from the lens of a business leader and improve your collaboration and communication skills.  You will learn ways to improve your skills and readiness for career progression. You will start contributing value immediately and will make your work speak about yourself.




Promise of the Course
Who am I
How the course is organized

CIO Role and Responsibilities

CIO Role and Responsibilities Introduction
CIO Job Description
CIO Working Modes
CIO Stakeholders
CIO Skills
CIO Responsibilities
CIO Personas
CIO Challenges

Understand the Business

Understand the Business Intro
External – Far View of the Business
External – Closer View of the Business
Top View – Organization Structure
Top View – Value Chain and Capabilities
Top View – Challanges and Strategy
Middle View – Governance and Compliance
Bottom View – Business Processes

IT Organization

IT Organization Topics
Purpose of IT
Primary Activities of IT Organization
IT Organization Challenges
COBIT Governance and Management
IT4IT – Run IT as Business
IT Org Structure – Example
IT Costs – Capex and Opex

IT Governance – Value Delivery and Risk Management

IT Governance – Topics Introduction
IT Governance
COBIT – Governance
Resource Management
Risk Management – Part 1
Risk Management – Part 2
Value Delivery
Enterprise Architecture – Part 1
Enterprise Architecture – Part 2

IT Plan – Strategy and Portfolio

IT Plan – Topics Introduction
Need for IT Strategy
Strategy Development
Demands Pipeline
Demands Prioritization
Project Portfolio Management

IT Build – Projects and Products

IT Build – Topics
IT Build Introduction
Project Management – Part 1
Project Management – Part 2
Project Management – Part 3
System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
Buy and Implement – Part 1
Buy and Implement – Part 2
Buy and Implement – Part 3
Build – Software Engineering Part 1
Build – Software Engineering Part 2
IT Build – Summary

IT Run – Services and Operations

IT Run – Topics
IT Run – Introduction
IT Service Management
IT Operations Management
External Services
Efficient and Reliable IT Run
Cloud Services
Security – Part 1
Security – Part 2

Human Skills

Human Skills – Introduction
Self-Mastery – Part 1
Self-Mastery – Part 2
Self-Mastery – Part 3

Path to CIO Career

Path to CIO – Introduction
Why – Your Passion
Your Current State
Readiness Improvement
Value Contributions – Part 1
Value Contributions – Part 2
Value Contributions – Part 3
Value Contributions – Part 4
Opportunity Realization

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