Ethical Hacking: Exploit Linux Server

Hack a Linux Server

What you will learn

Hack a Linux Server or PC

How to enumerate PC

How to do web enumeration

How to get Root


Linux has been used for many things including servers. Companies use Linux servers for data storage; these servers run databases and provide back-end functionality for web applications. In addition, Amazon uses its own server operating system called Amazon Linux to run its web services. Linux servers are quickly becoming the number one choice for businesses around the world. They are inexpensive and easy to maintain, making them an excellent choice for businesses.

While some people still think of Linux as a computer operating system used primarily on computers, the truth is that many companies around the world use Linux servers in their IT infrastructure. These systems are easy to maintain, secure and upgrade compared to other operating systems, making them ideal for any business!

In this course you will learn how to Exploit Linux Servers. You will learn how to gain access into the server, how to become system administrator (root), how you can exploit web logins and more. This is a beginners course and you don’t need any prior knowledge. However, you should have some Linux command line knowledge and have access to Kali Linux.

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Do you want to learn Ethical Hacking? Do you want to Hack Linux Servers? This course is for you!




Host Enumeration
Web Enumeration

SSH Hacking

SSH Attack
Got Root?

Web Hacking

Web Exploitation (Login form)
Local File Inclusion

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