Concepts & Methods of Organizational Behavior & Management

Experiential Learning of Contemporary Organizational Behaviour Concepts & Approaches

What you will learn

Explain the importance of understanding organizational behaviour.

Understand the mutual interdependence between the organization and its environment.

Explain the arguments against technological determinism from a socio-technical systems point of view.

Account for the popularity of the concept of organizational culture among managers and researchers.


Hello everyone, Welcome to the course! I am thrilled to have you on board. You’re going to be a valuable asset, and I can’t wait to see all that you accomplish.

This course “Essentials of Organizational Behavior” teaches readers how to communicate and participate within companies, using real-world scenarios. The work gives an extensive discussion of necessary organizational behavior (OB) topics, making each lesson exciting and easy to grasp.

Students in this course will be exposed to psychological ideas that will help them develop a better understanding of how people behave in the workplace.

It is the goal of this course to provide students a basic overview of the history and evolution of ideas and concepts in Organizational Behaviour (OB). People and groups’ characteristics and behaviors have a significant impact on an organization’s culture, design, ethics, education, and structure. As a team-based learning experience, the course’s applied aim is to allow experiential learning of current methods for conflict resolution and decision-making as well as negotiation, power, and politics in the workplace.

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So if you’re ready to start implementing a foundational understanding of the history and development of Organisational Behaviour, then you need to get enrolled in this course.

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The Organizational Context

What is Organizational Behaviour ?
Relationship Between Organizational Behaviour & Management
What is Organization ?
What is an Organizational Dilemma ?
Fundamental Attribution Error
HRM & Employment Cycle
The Bath Model
The Big Data & Data Analytics

The Environment

The Organizational Environment
External Environment
Analyzing the Organizational Environment & its Factors
Globalization Factor
PESTLE Analysis
Ethical Behaviour
Individual Ethics
Business Ethics & Financial Reporting
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
The Popularity of CSR

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