Enterprise Risk Management Expert With FMEA And Risk Matrix

Accredited Certification For Enterprise Risk Management Expert With FMEA And Risk Matrix. Practical FMEA And Risk Matrix

Master risk management tools like FMEA and Risk Matrix

Understand the ISO 31000 Risk Management Framework

Be able to add a high demand skill to your resume

Function as a risk management professional


  • No previous experience is needed.


Certified Risk Management Expert With FMEA And Risk Matrix

Risk management is a skill that is in high demand in every sector. Why? Because risk and hence risk management, is not limited to one sector. Risk occurs in IT, health care, banking, the military, manufacturing etc. Thus risk management is needed in all of these. Furthermore, risk management skills fits to many jobs, ranging from managers to IT developers, operators, engineers, designers, health care professionals and so on. Virtually everyone could benefit from a good understanding of risk management.

This course is:

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  • …taught by qualified university lecturers from Dutch, UK and Austrian universities.
  • …BKO accredited which is respected and accepted globally.
  • …practical.
  • …to the point. We use examples that we have used in front of thousands of students over and over again. Examples that have proven to be easy to understand. This saves you lots and lots of time.

In concrete terms, you will learn:

  • What is risk and risk management?
  • What brainstorming techniques do we have to assess risk and help in risk management?
  • What is the Risk Matrix and how can it help in Enterprise Risk Management?
  • What is FMEA and how can it help in Enterprise Risk Management?

So, we would gladly welcome you on board. Join almost 150,000 students worldwide who have been trained by us. There is nothing wel love more than to teach. Have a look at some of our preview videos. Thanks for considering us. We appreciate it.


Who this course is for:

  • Since risk occurs in every sector and at every layer, this course is suited for a broad range of professionals. It does not matter if you are from the military or the IT sector, health care or manufacturing.
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