Diesel Power Plant

Power Plant Engineering

What you will learn

The basic cycle of Diesel Power plant

The layout, components, types and Merits and Demerits of Diesel power plants

The performance of Diesel Power Plants

The numericals based on Diesel Power Plant

The importance of Co-Generation Plant


Diesel Power Plant :

You have already studied Diesel Engines in detail in last year syllabus, In present course we are dealing with application of  Diesel engines in the power plant for power generation. The contents of Diesel Power Plant which we are dealing with are as below:

1. Introduction to Diesel Power Plant

2. Applications of Diesel Power Plant

3. Site Selection criteria for Diesel Power Plant

4. Layout of Diesel Power Plant

5. Working and construction details of Diesel Power Plant

6. Components of Diesel Power Plant

7.  Merits and Demerits of Diesel Power Plant

8.  Various systems of Diesel Engines

9. Methods of Starting of Diesel Engines

10. Performance Characteristics of Diesel Power Plant

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11. Heat Balance sheet of Diesel Power Plant

12. Numerical based on Diesel Power Plant

After completion of course the students will be able to

•Learn the basic cycles on which Diesel Power plants operate.

• Get the knowledge of working of Diesel power plant.

• Understand the benefits and demerits of Diesel power plants.

• Study the performance of Diesel power plants

•Heat Balance sheet i.e heat distribution in Diesel Power Plant

• Solve any numericals based on Diesel Power plant cycles.

• Learn the importance of Co-Generation power plant.

So best of luck to you all and request you to provide reviews / feedback after completion of each course.




DPP Parts and Layout
Working of DPP
Co-Generation Plants

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