Deploying Static React to the Cloud (AWS, S3, Cloudfront)

Deploy React Static Site to S3, Cloudfront. Use Route53 for custom domain and CodePipeline for automated deploy.

What you will learn

Common principles to easily deploy Static React, Next and Vue apps to AWS or any other cloud provider.

Configure Cloudfront with S3 for performance and security

Deploy Using AWS Amplify

Use a custom domain to access your web app


If you’re a react or vue developer and you want to easily deploy to sites to the cloud so that you can go beyond local testing and sharing, this course if for you. There are a ton of ways to deploy static sites, in this course we’ll explore some of the most common practices that can be done by anyone without having extensive knowledge of AWS Cloud.

Easily Deploy Static React to AWS using S3, CloudFront and Route53 and CodePipeline (automated deployment)

Learn to easily deploy static React sites to S3, using Cloudfront, Route 53 custom domain and AWS Amplify. Create a simple pipeline with CodePipeline to automate static site deployments to S3.

By the end of this course you should be able to easily setup simple CICD pipelines to automate the deployment of your static sites, use Cloudfront to secure and enhance site performance and also add custom domain to make your sites more reachable and standardized.

These concepts will work for other static app such as Vue.

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Services we’ll use

  • S3 – object storage service that offers industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance.)
  • Cloudfront:
  • Route53
  • CodePipeline
  • Codebuild
  • AWS Amplify Hosting


Anyone with basic knowledge in creating simple React, Vue  or web apps  should be able to follow along this course:

  • node.js
  • React
  • Git



VsCode Setup with Remote Dev Tools
Initial Setup S3 and React app
AWS Profile Setup
AWS S3 cli Sync
Cloudfront Invalidation from deploy script
Route53 Domain Setup
Using Custom Domain with Cloudfront
Push source code to Git
CICD with CodePipeline Setup 1
CICD with CodePipeline Setup 2
AWS Amplify Hosting

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