Data Analysis using Tableau Desktop 2022

Analyze your data and quick decisions using Business Intelligence tool Tableau

What you will learn

Download for free and install and run the full version of Tableau Public, the BI and analysis software.

You will also be able to show an overview using dashboards, and tell a story using storyboards.

You can also become used to more advanced features, such as Calculated Fields, Parameters and Hierarchies.

Be able to create analyses, such as line charts, stacked bar charts, or geographic analyses using maps.

You will be able to format numbers and dates, and add labels, tooltips and animation..

By the end of the course, you will, with some experience, have the knowledge to take (and pass) the Tableau Qualified Associate certification.


Tableau Certification is becoming more prevalent these days and I’m not surprised. The demand for Data Skilled workers has been rising exponentially in the last couple of decades and believe it or not, there’s a shortage. Companies are recruiting heavily and upskilling those they can. This is where you come in.


The only course on Udemy that teaches the complete Tableau Platform; Desktop and Tableau Online

Most instructors only teach Tableau Desktop which is the visualization tool. I’ll teach you the entire ecosystem from data cleansing and preparation, to data ETL, automation, Story Telling, Tableau Online and Server and much more.


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This course is designed specifically for those who do not have a data background or experience and want to be more efficient in the way they clean, prepare and share data.

It has also been designed specifically to pass the Tableau Certifications by preparing you for the Tableau Desktop Specialist Practice Exam as well as the others depending on how far you want to go. We’ll be doing assignments and lessons throughout which mirror some of the Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam Questions.


  • Tableau Desktop Certification
  • Tableau Certified Associate
  • Tableau Certified Data Analyst



1.1 Tableau – Introduction
1.2 Tableau – Download and Install
1.3 Tableau – User Interface
1.4 Tableau – Introduction to Data Source
1.5 Tableau – Tableau vs Excel User Interface
1.6 Tableau – Important Note about Tableau

Learning Basic Charts

2.0 Tableau – Learning Basic Charts
2.1 Tableau – Creating a Column Chart
2.2 Tableau – Creating a Bar Chart
2.3 Tableau – Creating a Stacked Column Chart
2.4 Tableau – Adding Animation to Visuals
2.5 Tableau – Creating a Pie Chart
2.6 Tableau – Creating a Line Chart

Tableau Tricks

3.0 Tableau – Marks Shelf and Tableau Tricks
3.1 Tableau – Changing Color on Visuals
3.2 Tableau – Working with Size of Visuals
3.3 Tableau – Formatting Data Labels
3.4 Tableau – Enhancing readability using Tooltip
3.5 Tableau – View data and Export as CSV
3.6 Tableau – Keep Only and Exclude

Working with Metadata

4.0 Tableau – Working with Metadata
4.1 Tableau – Introduction to Data Types
4.2 Tableau – Rename, hide and unhide fields
4.3 Tableau – Changing the default properties
4.4 Tableau – Changing Source Data Location

Save and Share

5.0 Tableau – Save and Share Tableau Files
5.1 Tableau – Save File on Desktop
5.2 Tableau – Export as PPT, PDF, PNG
5.3 Tableau – Export data to CSV
5.4 Tableau – Publish to Tableau Public

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