Cyber Security: Secure Passwords on Linux

Learn GPG, Pass & Security Keys

What you will learn

Best practices for Securing Passwords

Understand how a Hacker gets access to Passwords

Basics of GPG, Pass and Keepass

How to setup Yubikey to work with Pass

How to setup Trezor to work with Pass

How to sign files with a Security Key


Passwords play an important role in our digital lives. 87% of the Americans re-use passwords. Many online users get hacked with bad consequences. What can you do to make yourself more secure?

In this course you will learn about various ways to secure your passwords. From a hackers view you will learn which methods are safer than others. The course contains demonstrations that shows how a hacker might get access to the passwords.

You will learn how to protect yourself. About password method so secure, that even if your computer is hacked your passwords will still be secure.

The methods on this course have been tested with Debian/Ubuntu Linux and some on OpenBSD. The methods should work with Mac OS X too.

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This is a course for intermediate users, who are familiar with the command line. It is not a beginners course, some of the setups in this course can be quite challenging.

Basic knowledge of Linux is recommended. You will learn about gpg and security keys amongst other things and see various ways of how a hacker may get passwords. The course contains various quizes.

If you want to have more security in your daily live, enroll today and learn how to secure passwords.




Course overview

Password Security

Password security
Password security compared
Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

Passwords from a Hackers View

Why not a password .txt file?
Why not a software-only solution?
Why not keepass (without hardware) ?
What’s next?

Keepass (Most simple)

Keepass with USB

Unix Pass

Install pass
Where are passwords stored
Make GPG keys
Using pass
More on Pass

Pass with Yubikey (Option 1)

Why use Security Key?
How to setup
Generate sub keys
Write keys (Yubikey)
Test Yubikey
Delete secret keys
Pass with Yubikey
GUI for Pass

Pass with Trezor (Option 2)

Pass with Trezor

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