Customer Service Excellence

How to deliver an outstanding customer experience

What you will learn

The fundamentals to customer success

How to build strong, long-lasting customer relationships

Excellent communication skills

How to manage customer conflict

Building a better rapport with customers

Serving customers using social media platforms


Do you have what it takes to deliver excellent customer service?

Working in a customer-facing environment can be a challenge without the right skills. This course is aimed at anyone working in a customer facing-role who is committed to delivering an excellent service, building long-lasting relationships and ultimately offering an outstanding experience to their customers.

Customer expectations have evolved massively in the last decade; demands for quicker response times, enhanced customer support and increased channels of communication can cause frustrations on both sides of the fence if you’re not prepared. That said, the fundamentals of good customer service never change – be convenient, competent and consistent. This course will cover the skills and qualities needed to meet each of the core fundamentals, leaving you with the ability to exceed customer expectations every time. In the digital age, competitors are becoming more futile whatever the industry; so it’s important your customer service skills stand out from the rest.

Together, we’ll be:

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  • Exploring the various industry roles which contribute to customer success
  • Uncovering the perfect skills required for providing excellent customer service
  • Creating step-by-step plans in how to problem-solve
  • Building vocabulary to continuously deliver a positive experience
  • Discovering how to deal with challenging behaviour
  • Evaluating customer feedback
  • Unearthing the key to serving customers through social media
  • Understanding methods to create long-lasting customer relationships
  • Advocating for ethical customer service

What’s in it for you?

  • Personal career growth
  • Guaranteed customer loyalty
  • Improved communication
  • Better business relationships
  • Higher revenue

By the end of this course, you’ll be confident in becoming customer-focussed, and keen to succeed in building customer loyalty. Join me, and let’s discover the secrets to delivering excellence in customer service together.



An introduction to customer service

Introduction to customer service roles

What are the key skills that can help us provide good customer service?

Customer Service Skills

Serving customers using social media platforms

Serving customers using social media platforms

Building a rapport in social media:

Building a rapport in social media & putting policies in place

Building customer relationships

Building customer relationships

Adopting language techniques

Adopting language techniques

Improving your customer engagement

Improving your customer engagement

Evaluating your customer experience

Evaluating your customer experience

Providing ethical customer service

Providing ethical customer service

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