Crystal Magic Made Easy

Tap into the Mysticism Ritual magic with Stone, Gems & Fossils


What You Will Learn

Lean about Building a Mystic Crystal Practice

Working with Elemental Energies with Crystals

Setting intention and directing crystal energy

Birthstones & Crystal Astrology and how to incorporate it into your practice


  • Open to All leavels! no Crystal Experince Need!


Are you attracted to magic of crystals? Join Joey Wargachuk as he guides you on a fast and Easy Guide to stepping into your personal power and creating a magical practice with crystals. From building a crystal alter to creating simple stone rituals around moon phases. This is a great primer into the world of Crystal Magic.

Class Outline:

What is Crystal Magic? How does it apply to your current crystal practice? Does Crystal Magic Fit for me?

Your Crystal Alter: easy tips and Tricks!

Basics 101

· Caring for crystals and making them apart of your rituals

· Clearing and energizing crystals made easy and simple for any sized collection

· Setting intention and directing crystal energy

· Uses for Crystals and ways to use them!

Crystals by Elemental energies

Crystals and forces of magic and working with those frequencies

Crystal Reading made easy! the best way to use crystals for divination

Birthstones & Crystal Astrology and how to incorporate it into your practice

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Crystals & Candle Magic and ways to pair them to color and energy/intention/chakra

Crystal Talisman/Amulet Bags! combos for mystical protection

Crystals for Your Psychic Gifts and the best ones for developing your third eye!

Crystal Mystic Healing made easy!

Crystal Gem waters, elixirs, teas and essential oils 101! What you need to know!

Crystals and symbols a quick intro!

Pulling it all together

Ending with  a simple and easy Crystal Magician Activation “Guided Meditation”

Who this course is for:

  • This is great for people looking to expand their crystal magic practice

Course content

5 sections • 5 lectures • 1h 16m total length

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