Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin for Beginners in Plain English.

New 2022 Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Course. Learn Crypto Trading & Investing, DeFi, Crypto Security & Wallets, NFTs & More

What you will learn

In this newly released 2022 course, students will learn what Cryptocurrencies are, how they operate and why they are such a revolutionary new technology.

Learn how and where to identify Crypto Coins, Tokens and Projects with real potential for growth.

Learn how to buy, sell and trade Cryptocurrencies.

Learn how to earn Passive income from Cryptocurrencies with the latest innovations in DeFi Investing (Decentralised Finance Investing)

Participate in a fact-based discussion of NFTs where we look at the legal and copyright implications of owning NFTs and discuss the future of this asset class.

Learn from our extensive section on spotting and avoiding Cryptocurrency Scams and Fraud, learn how to protect yourself and your crypto assets from Scammers.

Learn how Cryptocurrency Wallets work, setup your own Wallet during the course and send your first Crypto transfer for free.

Learn our Step by Step Crypto Research process using the free Research Checklist and Template provided for your use.

Learn how to trade Cryptocurrencies on Crypto Exchanges and make Market, Limit and Short Trades. Learn about Perpetual and Futures contracts.

Learn how and where to obtain totally Free Cryptocurrency in exchange for your time playing games, chatting online, answering questions and taking surveys.

Learn about Crypto Mining, Proof of Work and Hashing as we discuses Blockchain Technology in plain English.

Learn about the newest innovations in Passive Income Investing with DeFi’s Yield Farming and Liquidity Mining Processes.


Released in May 2022  |  The Latest Cryptocurrency Course on Udemy  |  No old and out of date content. 

– Let me make you a promise…

If you DON’T learn everything you want about Cryptocurrency,  Crypto Trading,  Blockchain,  DeFi, Ethereum, N FTs and more in the first 30 days of this course then you can have your MONEY BACK ….. and you get to keep your free copy of my Cryptocurrency Book just for trying this course.

My name is Adam, I’m a Cryptocurrency Author, former Tech CEO and MBA Educator.  In this course I set out IN PLAIN ENGLISH   to explain the core concepts behind Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology.

We start with basic lessons on the fundamentals and build on those lessons until you find yourself able to do your own detailed research on Cryptocurrency Startups and Projects in order to spot the gems from the rubbish.

We discuss Bitcoin and Ethereum and look in detail at how these top rated crypto coins operate and the unique advantages of each. We look in detail at Crypto Trading and passive income investing in Decentralized Finance or DeFI as it is known.

I show you how, step by step, to do your own research on Crypto Projects and give you extensive information of where you can turn to spot new Crypto Coins and Projects as they hit the market. We have a detailed discussion about Cryptocurrency Security and Scams so that you can develop good habits that will help protect you from the myriad scams that exist in the cryptocurrency space today.

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I personally answer 100% of the questions asked of me by Students and have setup a dedicated discord server simply to answer your questions as you ask them.

So learn how the technology works, how to find and evaluate the latest companies and projects in the space and how to safely buy, sell and invest in cryptocurrency.  This is the latest Udemy cryptocurrency course and is up to date and current with the latest information in the cryptocurrency industry.

I hope to see you on the course very soon.

Kind Regards,




Cryptocurrency Concepts

Course Introduction
Getting Help & Asking Questions
Please download the Course Companion
Crypto Mining
Crypto Wallets
Other uses of Blockchains
Section 1 summary

The Cryptocurrency Market

The Cryptocurrency Market
Stablecoins, KYC, Privacy Coins & Networks
Forks & Forking
Cryptocurrency Networks

Section 3 – Buying and Selling Cryptocurrency

Section 3 Introduction
Crypto Wallets Overview
Setup your own Crypto Wallet using Metamask
The “Wallet Sync” Scam and How You Can Avoid It.
Let’s Send Our First Crypto Transaction.
Bitcoin Wallets
Sending Test Transactions
Crypto Brokerages
Two Factor Authentication (2fA)
Centralised Exchanges (CEXs)
Decentralised Exchanges (DEXs)
Wallet Swaps and Bitcoin ATMs
Peer to Peer Crypto Sales
Section Three Conclusions

Cryptocurrency Scams and Best Practices.

Some new Terminology
$5 Wrench Attack and Wallet Passcodes (Passphrases) (unedited)
Sim Swap Attacks
The Investor Group Scam
Pump n Dumps
Fake Crypto Tokens
Rug Pulls & Ponzi Schemes
Fake Crypto Wallets
Giveaway Scams & Malware
Phone Scams (Lonely Hearts & Bank Security Scams)
Peer to Peer Exchange Scams
Security Checklist

Free Cryptocurrency

Crypto Faucets
Airdrops & Bounties
Learn to Earn
Free Crypto via Social Media
Play to Earn (P2E) Games

Crypto Research & Tokenomics

Research Introduction
Using the Research Template
Are there signs of life?
What does this Crypto Project do?
Standard Questions & Tokenomics
Final Checklist Questions
Strongblocks Assessment
Basis Markets Assessment
Cult Dao Assessment
Section Summary

Exchange Trading

Market Orders
Limit Orders
Stop Losses
Margin Trading & Leverage
Short Selling
Working Your Orders / Trades
Section Summary

DeFi : Decentralised Finance

Introduction to DeFi
The DeFi Ecosystem
DeFi Risks & Considerations
DeFi & Your Crypto Wallet
DeFi Investments – Liquidity Mining
DeFi Investments – Lending & Borrowing
DeFi Investments – Staking
DeFi Insurance Cover & Investmnets
Crypto Launchpads – finding new projects early
DeFi Section Summary

Crypto Inheritance

Crypto Inheritance Introduction – Intestacy Law
The Probate Process
Preventing Family Inheritance Issues
Section Summary

Final Section

Thank you for taking this course

Additional content

Bonus Lesson.

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