Create full parametric furniture in Revit Family

Learn how to make 2 special Revit Families furniture

Create a full parametric special furniture 2 Revit Families from scratch. With these, you will have million possibilities to create.

When you complete this course you will have a much better understanding how Revit Family in Revit Autodesk works.

This course has been designed for more intermediate level students.

After complete this course, you will be able to model your own custom parametric Revit Family.


  • Students should have a good working knowledge of using PC
  • Previous experience on a CAD program (Revit,AutoCad) is not essential but will benefit the student
  • All Revit versions are working fine with this course , 30-day trial available from Autodesk
  • Revit is not supported on MAC, you will have to Bootcamp your MAC and install Windows to run Revit
  • A second screen is recommended to view the videos while using Revit on the other


Hi guys,

and welcome to another my course Create Revit Family from scratch. In this one we will do interesting furniture model, where after almost hour and half, i will try to learn you, how to make Revit Family furniture with all changeable parameters. When you finish this course, you will able to take those 2 families and create million possibilities for your needs.

Revit Family is sup program for main program Revit Autodesk. In this program you can create models, which will contains your custom parameters, for example such as width, height, depth, materials and more and if you put them right, you will be able to change those parameters and model will be updated accordingly.

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This course is mainly about to create something very specific, but in the end you will learn very basics of Revit Family and you will be able to use it for more advanced modelling.

If you want to make all your Revit modelling fast as possible, custom parametric Revit Families are the best choice for you. I have many years of experience with creating and updating such parametric Revit Families for every sector – architectural, structural or MEP and more. If you are able to create your own content in the end, your work will be very efficient and no more so much time consuming.

Finally, hope you’ll like this one and learn maybe something new 🙂

I look forward to seeing you in class!

Who this course is for:

  • This course has been designed more for intermediate level students
  • Looking for a refresher course
  • Want to improve your drawing skills, find out tips & tricks from an industry professional
  • We go into great detail in the listed features from Revit Family

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