Create Awesome QR Designs in Photoshop : 6 Projects Included

Learn Creating Awesome QR designs of any shape like Bunny , Elephant , Apple, Orange ,Penguin or even Your own Face

What you will learn

You will Learn creating QR codes for your website , your contact , your Facebook , Instagram or any social link

You will also learn creating QR Codes for accepting payment

You will Learn Creating Awesome QR Designs

You will Learn creating Distinctive QR designs like Penguin , Bunny , Apple , Orange, Elephant

You will also Learn a unique idea where someone when scan your face shaped QR , they can access your contact information


Have You ever thought of sharing your contact information scanning your Face Shaped QR ?

Or have you ever thought of creating Custom Shaped QR like a cute Bunny , or An orange or any shape you like ?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, this course is for you.

Welcome to this course – Learn Creating Awesome QR Designs : 6 Projects Included

Our First section is an optional information section , where you will learn creating QR codes using Javascript

In our next section I will show you how to create QR codes without any coding knowledge

You will Learn creating QR codes for website link or social links like Facebook , Instagram etc

You will also Learn Creating QR codes for accepting Payments

Next You will Learn Creating custom QR shapes (any shape of your choice)

Here we will do 6 custom shaped QR Projects

– Penguin Shaped QR

– A cute Bunny

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– An Orange

– An Apple

– An Elephant

– Our Final Project will be the most Interesting one as there you will Learn creating Face Shaped QR scanning of which will provide contact information . I am going to show by implementing it on my face . You can also do the same with your face or your friend’s face 🙂 or even you can do it for your clients

Everything is explained step by step.

Many tips and tricks are shared.

All the resource files are included.

If you have any query understanding some concept , feel free to let me know via q/a section or you can even message me .

So are you ready learning a new skill where you can create your face shaped QR and share that with your friends ?

Why waiting ? Enroll now and take your first step .





Creating QR Code using Javascript (Optional : Just for knowledge)

Creating QR using Google Chart API
Proof of Working Google Link QR
Creating QR code Dynamically – Part1
Creating QR code Dynamically – Part2
Your Task

Creating QR Code without any Coding Knowledge

Creating QR code without any coding knowledge
Working Google Link QR code for previous lecture
Creating Contact QR
Creating QR for accepting Payments
Preparing Payment QR Properly

Custom QR Design Projects

Grab necessary resource files for starting QR Designs
Project Penguin
Important Tip to remember
Project Cute Bunny
Project Orange – Part1
Project Orange – Part2
Proof of working Orange QR code
Your Practice : Apple shaped QR
Project Apple – Part1
Project Apple – Part2
Proof of Working Apple QR Code
Project Elephant

Main Project : Creating Face Shaped QR Design

Main Project – Part1
Main Project – Part2

Proof of working QR videos

Face Shaped QR
Google link
Payment QR
Cute Bunny

Sites for Free High Resolution Images (If your client cannot provide image )

Sites for High Quality High Resolution Images


Photoshop Shortcuts
QR Using Google chart API
Dynamic QR
QR Designs (All in 1)
Images Used in Course
5 Practice Images
Resource for Face Shaped QR

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