Crack Any RPA Developer Interview

Build a Standard RPA CV. Find out the top generic/core RPA interview questions/Answers asked by real RPA interviewers.


What You Will Learn

To crack the RPA Interview

Top question asked in any RPA interview

Sample Template and Answers for RPA interview questions

Building a Standard RPA Resume

How to answer critical RPA interview questions

Sample RPA Resume

FTE Calculation

How to do bot sizing

How to handle RPA interview you don’t any have real time experience

Core RPA Interview Questions

How to answer in RPA interviews.


  • Basic Knowledge of any RPA tool


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Robotic Process Automation Market Worth $25.56 Billion By 2027

Based on UiPath State of RPA Developer Report 2020 reveals that RPA professionals see tremendous career opportunities given the state of the red-hot automation market. Seventy percent of RPA professionals say their organization will hire more developers in the next year.

Based on study conducted by Forrester Consulting more than 50 % of businesses to increase robotic process automation.

Also, New ISACA Research Shows 1 in 3 Companies Use Robotic Process Automation which is likely to increase more.

What these stats projects?

All the above stats concludes that RPA market is growing any one ever imagined and What this brings for you ? JOBS. Yes. There is going to be plenty of job opportunities from the current year.

What stops you from getting a RPA job?

Even though you learn and Practice RPA the one big hurdle that you have to clear is the RPA Interview. Interviews have always been a nerve racking experience. Everybody gets the jitters when it comes to interviews.

Although you know a lot of the tool and you have a good amount of practice still you need a proper plan to gain advantage in interview. Because remember there are multiple competitors for you with rising RPA job opportunities.

This course aims to help you to crack and gain advantage in any RPA interview.

Whats in this course for you ?

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The simple formula that you will learn to crack any RPA interview is as below. This course exactly shows you how to achieve this numbers.

Building a strong RPA Resume -> 20%

Generic RPA Questions -> 40%

Critical RPA Questions -> 10%

Tool Specific Questions -> 30%

What’s special about this course ?

This course was designed based on the feedback from the real HR and RPA professionals. YES !!.

1. We checked multiple HR professionals and RPA interviewers and asked what is it you expect in RPA resume ? How do you shortlist a candidate for RPA interview ?. Based on their feedback a standard RPA template has been built for you.

2. We sent some 50 RPA interview questions to the multiple RPA interviewers and asked them to select the questions that they ask in their interviews and also what answer they expect ? and why the ask that question ?. As a result of this process we have listed Top 30 questions with a answer template and sample answers.

So the question you see in this course are real time interview questions and answers.

What you will learn in this course ?

  • To build a killer RPA resume
  • Know the Top 20 generic RPA interview questions with Answers
  • Find out the Top 10 critical questions (FTE reduction, Bot Sizing, Process Study and many more)
  • Survey results – of the real time RPA interviewers
  • Interview Tips
  • RPA Tool specific interview questions

All the best for your interview !!!

Who this course is for:

  • RPA developers
  • Fresher who is interested to start the IT carrier in RPA
  • Experienced IT professionals who are looking to crack the RPA interview
  • All who are interested in cracking a RPA interview

Course content

7 sections • 51 lectures • 1h 46m total length

  • Course Introduction


  • What’s special about this course ?


  • Who is this course for ?


  • RPA Interview Strategy


  • Course Agenda


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