Contract Law Guide: How To Write A Service Contract

Learn How To Write A Contract To Ensure You And Your Business Are Legally Protected

What you will learn

How To Write A Service Contract

Necessary Legal Terminology All Business Owners Need To Know

Principles Of Business Law

How To Legally Protect Yourself And Your Business


Have you ever had a customer refuse to pay you?

Do you need help ensuring you and your business are fully legally protected?

Then you’ve come to the right place! This course will take you from being someone who doesn’t know a thing about how to write a contract to being an expert on the topic. Upon completing this course, you will be able to understand all of the complicated legal jargon involved in writing a service contract so you can feel confident doing what you do best, Managing your business! This course will help anybody turn a business of any size into a highly professional entity that will leave an impression on any potential customers. Contract Law is not just important to protect oneself and their business, it’s also a valuable marketing tool for all small businesses because it shows customers they are legit. That’s where Tareq Hajj’s expertise on the topic of contract law comes into play.

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Tareq Hajj is one of the world’s leading online educators. Having guided millions of people to success, he is certainly one of the world’s leading contract law experts. This course will provide you with knowledge you can’t get anywhere else, so what are you waiting for? Start Learning Now!





Before You Start

What Is Contract Law
Why Learn Contract Law

Creating Your First Contract

Titling Your Contract
Adding The Parties
Services And Signatures

Detailing Your Billing Period And Services (Attachment A)

Billing Term
Billing Period
Project Details
Creating A Fixed Fee

Terms And Conditions (Attachment B)

Terms And Conditions
Confidentiality And Non Disclosure
Ownership And Licenses
Relationship Of Parties
Term And Termination
Payment Terms
Late Payment
Expense Reimbursement
Indemnification And Limitation Of Liability
Right To Authorship Credit
Governing Law And Dispute Resolution
Force Majeure
Appropriate Conduct
Entire Contract

Congratulations And Next Steps

Thank You

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