Communication Skills for Single and Couples

How to Communicate Effectively Using TLC–Talking and Listening With Care


What You Will Learn

The Power of Words-the power of words—why it is important to communicate in a way that strengthens your partner and your relationship.

Types of Talk—the various types of talk and why it is important for there to be consistency in the types of talk. .

Effective Talking and Listening—how ineffective talking and listening leads to communication breakdown and how to move toward effective talking and listening.

Communication and Connectionth—the types of connection and how the level to which we are connected affects how we communicate and how we are affected by it.

Processing Styles—the three ways that individuals process their thoughts and feelings.

Gender Differences in Communication— how early socialization for the genders contributes to communication values, motivation, and communication styles.

Conflict—how we typically conflict and the potential outcomes, and why it is necessary to resolve conflict in a healthy way.

Resolve Conflict—Using the TLC three-Step Program a a step-by-step guide for talking through an Issue and brainstorming for resolutions.

Helping Your Partner Talk through a Problem— how to listen to your partner as they try to talk through an issue.

Gender Differences in Coping with Stress—Understanding how the genders cope with stress.


  • The Desire to Communicate Effectively with your Partner
  • The Desire to Have a Happy, Healthy and Fulfilling Relationship or Marriage


This course is for those who want to learn how to communicate and resolve conflict more effectively with their partner. It outlines some fundamentals of effective communication, four components of our TLC-Talking and Listening With Care program, and then takes you through our TLC-Three Step Program by showing videos of couples arguing before using TLC and then showing them resolving using our TLC three-step program.

Whether you are single, in a relationship, or married, it is important to be able to communicate and resolve conflict effectively. The modules include the following outlined below.

1. Communication Fundamentals, which include the power of words, types of talk, ineffective vs. effective communication, communication and connection, processing styles, gender differences in communication, and how we conflict and potential outcomes.

2. TLC-Talking and Listening with Care— outlines four components of talking and listening with care and more.

3. TLC Three-step program—using couples as examples, this module includes several sections that provide a step-by-step guide for talking through an issue and resolving conflict.

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4. Helping Your Partner Talk through a Problem—Instructs you how to listen to your partner as they try to talk through an issue.

5. Gender Differences in Coping with Stress—This section provides a video clip from an Interview with Dr. John Gray, discussing how the genders cope with stress.

TLC—Talking and Listening with Care—the book for this course includes exercises at the end to help singles and couples explore their communication styles and to increase their communication competencies and skills.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for singles and couples. Anyone, whether you are single, in a relationship or married, this course will prepare you for how communicate and resolve conflict more effectevely

Course content

9 sections • 39 lectures • 1h 58m total length

  • The Power of Words


  • Types of Talk


  • Talking and Listening


  • Processing Styles


  • Communication and Connection


  • Gender Differences in Communication


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