Cisco ASA Basics

Take this Cisco ASA Basics course if you want to know more about how the Cisco ASA functions and is deployed.


What You Will Learn

Basic Concepts of Firewalls

Concepts of Firewall Generations

Basic of Cisco ASA Firewall

Initialization of a Cisco ASA Firewall

Cisco ASA BootStraping

Routing on ASA

How to permit traffic between different security levels.


  • Basic Network Fundamentals Knowledge
  • TCP/IP stack Knowledge


Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances. The Cisco ASA is an extremely popular firewall used by millions of companies around the globe to secure their network from unauthorized access and a broad range of sophisticated attacks. Coupled with the SSM-AIP (Advanced Instruction Prevention module); the Cisco ASA can not only filter traffic based on access-list but can also inspect application layer traffic and enforce security policies based on signature attacks such as SQL Injections, Worms, Mal-ware and even certain types of SPAM.

The ASA is a deep packet inspection security device used to protect your network(s) against unauthorised access. The Cisco ASA has many functions, some of which include enforcing access control lists, and randomising source port numbers sequence numbers while enforcing protocol compliance. Engineers Having good knowledge and skills in ASA firewall are very much in demand and preferred by any companies.

A Complete Beginner Guide to Cisco ASA Firewall | Learn How to Install and Configure Cisco ASA Firewall Practically

What you’ll learn

Cisco ASA Firewall Fundamentals: Basics of Network Security Course

Firewalls introduction & Technologies

Firewall Features on the ASA

Configure Your Cisco ASA

Access control with Cisco ASA



• Basic knowledge about networking and security

• Any one who wants to learn Cisco ASA Firewall

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• Any one who wants to develop profession skills on Cisco ASA


Network security is designed to ensure protection and integrity on networking services, Network security plays a vital role in protecting various network assets from the tons of threats invented every day to break through critical parts of organization’s network which leads to Billions of $ in losses and business interruption .

Cisco has won tough battles against the largest network security vendors to be the largest network security vendor all over the globe.

The Cisco security solutions and products achieve increase in Global market share a year over year.

Cisco ASA can be used as a security solution for any business-sized networks, which makes it an ideal solution no matter what is the business type or industry.

Who this course is for:


Systems Engineer

Network Engineer

Product manager

Assistant Manager

Program manager

Who this course is for:

  • Network Administrators
  • Network Engineer
  • Anyone who wants to learn about Cisco ASA Firewalls

Course content

3 sections • 11 lectures • 1h 33m total length

  • Introduction


  • Welcome


  • What is a Firewall? And where to place a Firewall?


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