Chinese HSK 1 Course – Part 4, Learn 100 Chinese Sentences

Chinese Language, Mandarin Chinese, Learn Chinese, Chinese made easy

What you will learn

You will learn 100 sentences in HSK 1.

You will learn how to write characters.

You will learn the pinyin and the tone of the characters.

You will learn basic Chinese grammar.

You will understand Chinese sentences which we will learn in this course.

You will speak Chinese and Chinese people can understand you.


Hello and welcome to everyone.

Knowing that China is one of the most powerful nations on the planet, it comes as no surprise that the demand for China and Chinese is expanding on a daily basis. Individuals often believe that learning Chinese would be challenging and are hesitant to begin studying the language. However, Chinese is not as tough a language to learn as it seems. At first glance, the characters seem frightening, and they are regarded tough to remember. However, as you will observe throughout the course, and as I will continually underline, the Chinese characters are not that unlike from one another in terms of appearance. During the session, I will discuss the connections between the characters, which will make it much simpler to remember what is going on in their lives.

My goal with this instructional series is to teach you around 100 Chinese phrases. You will see the words you have learned in many different sentences, which will make it very difficult for them to be forgotten and much easier for you to understand them. This is one of the most beneficial aspects of learning a language with sentences, as you will be able to understand them much more easily. We will also study sentences that you can use in everyday conversation, which means that you will be able to utilize the phrases we learned straight from the tales or comparable sentences while chatting to a Chinese acquaintance in your own language. You will be able to communicate more effectively as a result of this.

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I designed this course for those who have no prior knowledge of Chinese, therefore you don’t need to have any prior knowledge of the language. Make an effort to thoroughly comprehend the phrases I have discussed in the videos, and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about anything you do not understand. I’ll respond to your questions with other videos in the future. It is recommended that you begin by inputting the letters at the beginning of the sentence. You will be able to comprehend the overall structure of the characters much more quickly if you do so.




Sentence 1
Sentence 2
Sentence 3
Sentence 4
Sentence 5
Sentence 6
Sentence 7
Sentence 8
Sentence 9
Sentence 10
Sentence 11
Sentence 12
Sentence 13
Sentence 15
Sentence 16
Sentence 17
Sentence 18
Sentence 14
Sentence 19
Sentence 20
Sentence 21
Sentence 22
Sentence 23
Sentence 24
Sentence 25
Sentence 26
Sentence 27
Sentence 28
Sentence 29
Sentence 30
Sentence 31
Sentence 32
Sentence 33
Sentence 34
Sentence 35
Sentence 36
Sentence 37
Sentence 38
Sentence 39
Sentence 40
Sentence 41
Sentence 42
Sentence 43
Sentence 44
Sentence 45
Sentence 46
Sentence 47
Sentence 48
Sentence 49
Sentence 50
Sentence 51
Sentence 52
Sentence 53
Sentence 54
Sentence 55
Sentence 56
Sentence 57
Sentence 58
Sentence 60
Sentence 61
Sentence 62
Sentence 63
Sentence 64
Sentence 65
Sentence 66
Sentence 67
Sentence 68
Sentence 69
Sentence 70
Sentence 71
Sentence 72
Sentence 73
Sentence 74
Sentence 75
Sentence 76
Sentence 77
Sentence 78
Sentence 79
Sentence 80
Sentence 81
Sentence 82
Sentence 83
Sentence 84
Sentence 85
Sentence 86
Sentence 87
Sentence 88
Sentence 89
Sentence 90
Sentence 91
Sentence 92
Sentence 93
Sentence 94
Sentence 95
Sentence 96
Sentence 97
Sentence 98
Sentence 99
Sentence 100

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