Chinese Beginner & Upper Beginner Supplementary

Bridge your Chinese learning from beginner to elementary level

What you will learn

Extra knowledge outside HSK curriculum

Essential vocabulary between beginner and intermediate level

165 Survial Chinese words

You’ll know Chinese Zodiac culture


Hi, everyone! My name is Sherry Xie. I am from China. I have been  a Chinese teacher at international and immersion shools for 10 years. Teaching is my passion. I’d like to share my passion with you. So I started publishing courses from alphabets to advanced level online. I hope my course can help you find the key to learn natural Chinese and level up your Chinese in all aspects. If you are a Chinese beginner or you are at upper beginner level, I recommend you try our new course : Chinese Beginner and Upper Beginner Supplementary Course.

This Course is tailored for our students who have zero foundation or have alphabets foundation in Chinese . This course acts as a supplementary course for students between beginner to intermediate  level to strengthen their knowledge. In this short course, students are able to learn basic daily actual vocabulary, that are outside of HSK curriculum, based on daily topics,such as Chinese zodiacs, fruits, vegetables, delicious food, drinks,, articles for daily use, transportations, occupations and so on.

The course aims to teach words in a simple and lifelike way. Every word is illustrated a colourful and visualized picture, so everyone can understand it without any language background.

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After learning this vedio course, you can learn at least 165 basic daily words based on diffrent topics. What’s more, this is a good review for Pinyin lessons, you can pracise your knowledge about phonetic symbols and spelling rules in this course. Therefore it will help you build a solid foundation for further study of mandarin Chinese in future.



Chinese course for Beginner & Upper Beginner Supplementary

Various fruits in Chinese
Various Vegetables in Chinese
Other delicious food in Chinese
Various drinks in Chinese
Chinese Zodiacs
Transportation in Chinese
Living items in Chinese
Body parts in Chinese
Kinds of occupation in Chinese
Various sports in Chinese

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