CCSP Domain 2 – Cloud Data Security

Exam preparation – This domain is in alignment with the August 2022 exam outline

What you will learn

Understand what (ISC)2 expects you to know about the cloud data security domain.

Comprehend data protection mechanisms (e.g., encryption, tokenization, DLP, etc.).

Explain data classification, mapping and labeling.

Understand the cloud data life cycle and its associated protection mechanisms.


In this course we walk through all of the critical concepts within the Cloud Platform & Infrastructure domain. This domain is 20% of the test as of August 2022. I will guide you through all of the concepts that you need to know and advise you on the level of knowledge that you need to get comfortable with.

There are over three and a half hours of video content plus course notes based on information from my book: Cloud Guardians.

We will explore the data lifecycle. It is important to know the lifecycle and the security controls that can be added to each phase. In order to really understand that it is good to also take a look at data. How to we organize data? It is good to understand the basic differences of structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data.

I love talking about encryption and we will explore the basics of symmetric, asymmetric and hashing. It is just the basics as the primary focus here is the key. It is essential to protect the secret key, so storage locations must be explored.

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There is also an exploration of masking, tokenization and obfuscation. Each serves a very particular purpose when protecting information.

We finish with discussion about maturity models and data rights management/information rights management and maturity models.





Cloud Data Lifecycle

Cloud Data Lifecycle

Data Protection Policy

Data Protection Policy
Data Classification

Data Science

Data Science
Data Governance
Structured Data – Database & Data Warehouse
Unstructured Data – Big Data

Data Storage

Data Storage
Data Dispersion
Application Programming Interface


Introduction to Encryption
Encrypting data in use
Encrypting data at rest
Data in Transit – SSH
Data in Transit – TLS
Data in Transit – IPSec
Symmetric Encryption
Introduction to Asymmetric
Use of Public & Private Keys
Key storage location
Key management
Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
Key storage hardware
FIPS 140-2/3

Masking, Tokenization and Obfuscation


Maturity Models

Maturity Models



Emerging Technologies

Emerging Technologies

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