Caring for children and young people

5 ways to respond to your child’s development


What You Will Learn

Understand your child’s development

How to respond to your child’s needs

How to work as a team

How to set up your environment


  • No experience needed


This course will help you learn to respond the right way to your children.

Child development is way more than understanding the different developmental stages in the child’s life.

It is about understanding who your child is, understanding your role in their life and understanding how to respond the right way.

Ebiere Bolu and I have come together to create this course that will help you with all that.

We believe that when 5  things come together in harmony, the child will receive the best response from everyone involved.

I created an acronym to help you remember these 5 things.






Team – parent & teacher

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We will be telling you how these 5 things can come together to produce the results that we all want to see.

Ebiere Bolu is a Uk qualified A level Economics teacher and a parenting coach.

She runs an after school enrichment learning centre in Surbiton Uk called Learn Tree.

Ebiere has mastered the art of how to teach children to develop strength and handle their emotions so that they are ready to take on the challenges of learning, thus equipping them with the tools to thrive inside and outside the classroom. She also passionately coaches parents, with tools to help their children succeed.

Meme Boham is an Early Years Montessori Educator who believes in making learning fun and engaging for little minds. She also trains and counsels parents and teachers on the best way to respond to their children, to get the best out of them.

Together Meme and Ebiere have created a course that will give you all the information you need to help your child thrive inside and outside the classroom.

Who this course is for:

  • For parents and teachers to have basic knowledge on child development and their response to the child’s needs

Course content

7 sections • 7 lectures • 1h 52m total length

  • Introduction


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