Canine Calm Walks – Become a Trained Dog Walker

Basic Leash Handling Skills and Techniques to Walk Dogs

What you will learn

Understand the expectations of a trained dog walker

Understand the correct fitting and use of tools and equipment

Understand basic communication techniques with dogs

Understand how to structure a dog walk


In this course you will learn a range of skills that will allow you to walk different dogs on leash with calmness and control. These skills are designed to help reduce pulling on leash, create engagement, and ultimately result in a more confident and fulfilled dog.

Topics that will be covered include:

– Expectations of you as a trained dog walker

– How to communicate with dogs

– Recommended tools and equipment for dog walks

– How to set up dog walks for success.

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This training package is a requirement to have your account verified as a trained dog walker on the Canine Calm Walks platform.

Canine Calm Walks is an online booking platform to connect dog owners with trained dog walkers. As a trained dog walker, you will get to be a part of a bigger community making a difference in the lives of both owners and their dogs around Australia.

As part of becoming a trained dog walker, you will also have access to ongoing training and support through our closed Facebook group, where we can connect and all be a part of ongoing interactive training.

This course gives you the foundational skills that you will grow upon with your experience out on the walks.





Expectations of a Dog Walker

Expectations of You as a Trained Dog Walker
Expectations of You with the Owner
Quiz – Expectations of a dog walker

Dog Walking Tools and Equipment

Equipment and Tools for Dog Walking
Fitting Tools
Quiz – Dog walking tools and equipment

Communication with Dogs

Communication With Dogs
Marker Words
Quiz – Communication with dogs

Creating a Successful Dog Walk

Setting Up for a Successful Walk
Leash and Body Techniques
Basics of Walking 1 (Slip Lead)
Basics of Walking 2 (Gentle Leader)
Example of a Walk
Some Final Words
Quiz – Creating a successful dog walk

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