C++ STL Algorithms [Practice Test]

Practice tests with realistic uses cases to help you bake the C++ algorithms in your muscle memory.

What you will learn

Mapping real life usecases to builtin C++ algorithms

Advantage of using algorithms to improve code readability and predictable behavior

C++ algorithms library exposure from a practical perspective with relatable examples

A method to translate problems into algorithms and use the C++ language fully before reinventing an existing language feature due to lack of awareness.


The emphasis on learning C++ from an interview perspective leads to a reinventing wheel syndrome amongst developers. The container library usage has become a norm thanks to C++11. But using the algorithms library remains a challenge.


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  • Assist you in becoming self sufficient as a C++ programmer.
  • Convince you about thinking algorithms first.
  • Present enough realistic examples for you to get the prototyping habit in muscle memory.
  • No take up months of your time to explain something you can learn and use in matter of hours!


  • Since interviews ask for search and sort algorithms, most developers believe they always have to implement them from scratch, even in production!
  • The reinvention may leads to bugs.
  • Every time a new developer has to read the code, they need to reinterpret the algorithm from scratch.
  • Without up to date comments and documentation the code can easily be misinterpreted
  • A reinvented algorithm cannot benefit from the upgrades to the language. The ranges library is availble but homegrown implementations cannot benefit from it without significant engineering efforts.
  • Testing overage with corner cases of homegrown reimplementations is hard to maintain.

How to use the course?

  • Every question presents a use case.
  • Read the options and try to create minimal dummy data to test with.
  • Plugin all options and verify if your selected option works.
  • Choose the answer.
  • Read the “Review Questions” section at the end of each practice test to get more information and references.

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