Business of Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Economics, Finance, and Business of Decentralized Finance

What you will learn

Economics, Finance and Business aspects of Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Basic DeFi Concepts

General Structure of DeFi Platforms

Automated Market Making and Yield Farming

Token Economics or Tokenomics

How DeFi platforms create value? Valuing DeFi tokens.

Cash-flows in DeFi projects

DeFi Governance

Planning for a DeFi project – from value proposition to path of self-sustainability


First of all, let be clear that – this is not a technical course – this is a business course.

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Decentralized Finance or DeFi platforms are disrupting the financial sector and many want to join the movement. The challenge they face is that building and evaluating these platforms need a deep understanding of economics, finance, and business. Decentralized Finance is fundamentally multidisciplinary. You do not need to master all the subjects but need some basic understanding of various disciplines to get into DeFi.

Apart from that, building these platforms is a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. Until these DeFi platforms become self-sustaining, there has to be some mechanism to create economic incentives for the stakeholders so that the project is not abandoned. Creating those economic incentives involves balancing out the short-term cash flows with long-term wealth creation. For that, we need to know how DeFi platforms generate cash-flows and create value. Creating cash-flows and creating value need various approaches and involve different kinds of strategies.

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Unfortunately, the learning sources for DeFi are often scattered and/or primarily focused on the technical side of DeFi. There is a need for learning sources that deal with the finance and business side of DeFi in a well-structured manner.

This is what this course is trying to achieve.



Why and what of this course?

Why take this course?
Who is this course for?
Course Outline

DeFi Foundations

What is Decentralized Finance?
Characteristics of DeFi systems
Differences between DeFi and CeFi.

Major DeFi segments

Major DeFi segments

How do DeFi Platforms work?

General structure of DeFi platforms
Automated Market Makers
Liquidity Mining and Yield Farming

Economics, Finance, and Business concepts for Decentralized Finance

Money supply and Inflation
Volume and Margin Businesses
Collateral and Yield

Value creation in DeFi

Burniske and Tatar framework and Valuing DeFi Tokens
DeFi Value Drivers

Token Economics

Understanding Tokens
Token Supply
Token Market Cap and Fully Diluted Market Cap
Token Minting, Supply and Burning Schedule
Inflationary and Deflationary Token Economics

Cash-Flows in DeFi Projects

Why do DeFi projects need cash flows?
Cash-flow Sources for DeFi platforms
Choice between Volumes and Margins

DeFi Governance

Governance Process in DeFi
Governance Tokens
Decentralized Autonomous Organization or DAO
Types of Governance Systems in DeFi
Path to Decentralization

Growth Challenges for DeFi Platforms

High Gas Fee
Scaling Challenges
Regulatory Challenges

Strategizing a DeFi Platform

Choosing a problem to solve.
Economic Viability of the Project
Value Proposition Design
Technological Choices
Economic Choices
Governance Structure
Growth and Stability



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