Build E-Commerce Sites with Beaver Themer + WooCommerce

Customize your WooCommerce site the easy way with Beaver Themer


What You Will Learn

How to setup products in WooCommerce

The best extensions to setup WooCommerce shipping, tax rates, filters, and front-end product page designs

How to create custom page layouts for WooCommerce product pages using Beaver Themer

How to use the Beaver Builder Page Builder to create landing pages for WooCommerce e-Commerce sites


  • Our Beaver Builder Page Builder and Beaver Themer Courses are complimentary courses to this one


In this course, we are going to create a mock WordPress storefront using Beaver Themer and WooCommerce.  This course includes assets that allow you to follow along.  We’ll go over how to add Woo products, how to bulk import an edit products.  Then, we’ll get into the fun part, how to customize our storefront using Beaver Themer!

Course Outline


This video gives you an overview of the course.

Course Assets

This video goes over how to use the course asset files.

Adding Simple Products

This lesson teaches how to:

  • Distinguish between simple vs. variable products (00:16)
  • Add and name new products (00:41)
  • Add short and long descriptions to products (00:55)
  • Add categories from product pages and the categories section of the WordPress dash (01:11)
  • Add product tags (02:03)
  • Add product images (02:10)
  • Add product prices (02:14)

Adding Variable Products

This lesson teaches how to:

Turn simple products into variable products using attributes and variations (00:27)

Add multiple steps of variations to variable products (01:50)

Bulk Importing and Editing Products

This lesson teaches how to:

  • Use WooCommerces’ integrated .csv import tool (00:05)
  • Download a sample spreadsheet from Github (00:27)
  • Enter data using Google Sheets (01:05)
  • Import your product lists into WordPress to bulk create new products (04:11)
  • Bulk edit product listings in WordPress (05:19)

Coupons, Sales and Upsells

In this lesson we will go over:

  • How to set a coupon’s type, amount, time limit, and restrictions (00:26)
  • How to put items on sale and create pages to display sale items (01:17)
  • How to set up and display upsells (0:54)

Setting Up Shipping + Tax Rates

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This lesson teaches:

  • What shipping zones and methods are and how they work together (00:25)
  • About options for extensions that calculate shipping and tax rates (00:47)
  • Where weight and dimensions are entered on Product pages (01:24)
  • Where tax rate settings are entered into the Settings section of the WooCommerce dashboard (01:41)

Selling Downloads, Memberships and Courses

This lesson teaches:

  • How to setup downloadable and virtual products (00:21)
  • About options for extensions and add-ons for selling memberships and courses and protecting content behind a paywall (01:07)

Payment Gateways + Site Security

This lesson teaches about options for extensions that will allow you to accept payments on your site and recommends a resource on the Beaver Builder blog about site security.

Types of Themer Layouts

We’ll go over the six types of Themer layouts

  • Singular
  • Archive
  • Part
  • Header
  • Footer
  • 404

Singular Layouts

Singular layouts are the layouts that display single products. In contrast, archive layouts display a group of products. We’ll go over how to use Beaver Themer to create custom layouts for our product pages.

Archive Layouts

Archive layouts are used to display groups of products. For instance we can create custom pages for all the products in the “dresses” category or “pants” category. We’ll learn how to create custom page designs for our WooCommerce archive pages using Beaver Themer.

Part Layouts

In this video, we will utilize a Themer Part Layout to attach a dress size chart to all the dress product pages on our site.

Customer Pages

This video is about

  • How short codes are used to pull in customer page content (00:05)
  • How to stylize customer page content (00:53)
  • How to change the dashboard message using PHP (01:08)
  • Resources for learning more about customer page customizations (02:00)

Page Builder Layouts

This video explains the modules used to build our site’s homepage design including:

  • Beaver Builder’s Standard Page Builder modules and how they can be used to create a shop homepage (00:32)
  • Suggestions for plugins and add-ons that can be used for shop homepages (02:34)

Thank You

Who this course is for:

  • Web Designer and business owners who would like to create a WordPress e-commerce shop

Course content

1 section • 16 lectures • 50m total length

  • Welcome


  • Course Assets


  • Adding Simple Products


  • Adding Variable Products


  • Bulk Importing and Editing Products


  • Coupons, Sales and Upsells


  • Setting Up Shipping + Tax Rates


  • Selling Downloads, Memberships and Courses


  • Payment Gateways + Site Security


  • Types of Themer Layouts


  • Singular Layouts


  • Archive Layouts


  • Part Layouts


  • Customer Pages


  • Page Builder Layouts


  • Thank You


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