Be Full Stack Java Developer From Scratch

Understand coding and how it works with java

What you will learn

how computer works

basics of software development

coding in java

building a real world project


in this course we will go through many industry related tools such as docker and selenium ..

it is not a fast process and not a slow process to become a programmer it just needs effort and I think you and I can do it just like others ..

we will go through java script, core java and learn it peace by peace to make it possible for you to build your career or maybe your dream !

we will start by describing the computer and it’s components and how they interact with each other and then dive deep with java and how we build a program in java
what a program is
and more tell we cover object oriented programming and Data structures

later after we are done with java we will start exploring tools like docker and selenium and we will understand them and use them in our program

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we will go dive later with docker and see what it is used for..

we will learn with this naming convention and how important it is to write a clean code

all projects and code in this course are real world scenarios and can be used to build a real application in the market.

at the end of this course you might get an offer to be a developer since the skills that you have are needed urgently in the market in 2022




What is an IDE?
Installing IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition
Hello world!
Permeative in code
Reference Variable

A start on algorithms

how to start learning Java effectively

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