AWS Systems Manager – Simplify Automation & Operations

Centralized Operations Hub with operational insights into AWS

Automate Patching AWS Systems Manager

Simplify Automation with AWS Systems Manager

Use of AWS SSM RUN Command

Concepts of AWS SSM Documents

How to use SSM Parameter Store

Integration of AWS SSM Parameter Store with CloudFormation


  • AWS Modules Basic Knowledge
  • Basic understanding on any language or scripting
  • Understanding of Automation
  • Zeal to learn


AWS is one of the fastest-growing cloud platforms. I have specifically created these tutorials for folks who have the drive and want to learn more about AWS.

This course aims to build a complete understanding of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Systems Manager from the ground up where students will understand the automation core concepts by doing exercises on their own.

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The section is about Understanding AWS SSM where I have explained starting how you can simplify the automation with the help of the SSM module covering all production-based scenarios in AWS.

You will learn with hands-on tutorials how ssm components work in a production environment:-

  • How you can automate AMI Maintenance and Patch with Amazon Systems Manager
  • Automate server patching with AWS SSM | Concept | Demo
  • Use of AWS SSM RUN Command – Part 1 | Concept | Execute Command on EC2 Instance
  • AWS Systems Manager RUN Command – Part-2  | Introduction to SSM Documents
  • AWS SSM Automation | Concept | Create own SSM Document and Execute Automation
  • AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store | Concept | Demo – Part1
  • AWS SSM Parameter Store –  Part 2 | Integration with CloudFormation

So let’s deep dive into the work of the AWS Systems Manager.

Note: This course does not cover all minute details/limits/what kind of content is required to be remembered for the AWS  certification exam however this course instead focuses on understanding the core concepts well by doing hands-on exercises.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner AWS aspirants, Who are looking for hands on experience on AWS Automation
  • Student’s who are looking to understand AWS Automation in depth starting with SSM
  • Learning Enthusiast
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