AWS Certified Database Specialty Practice Exams 2022

Get certified in AWS Certified Database Specialty


Included in This Course

175 questions

  • AWS – Database #165 questions
  • AWS – Database #265 questions
  • Bonus45 questions


Thanks for taking your time out and looking out this exam .

Welcome to the best way to help you prepare for your AWS Certified Database Specialty exam .

Make sure you are ready to pass the AWS Certified Database Specialty exam by using these practice tests, written to mimic the kinds of questions you will see on the real exam. Click “Buy Now” and get on your way to becoming an AWS Certified Database Specialty today !

This course is for complete preparation of ” AWS Certified Database Specialty Exams ” , It includes 2 sets of Practice + Bonus Exams contain 175 unique high-quality questions (65 Questions each) I have carefully hand-crafted each question to put you to the test. , All Practice are timed & scored (passing score is 75%) , so you’ll know when you’re taking more time than the official test allows mimicking the real exam environment . All questions have been designed based on real exam questions and have been tested by with many candidates. explanations is given for each question to ensure that you can memorize the concept and understand why the correct response is the best one to choose , to improve your knowledge and make you more prepared to pass the actual ” AWS Certified Database Specialty Exams ” .

Our practice questions are set up to cover all the topics you will be tested on during your exam. The questions are prepared to keep in mind the exam blueprint provided by Amazon Web Services for the ” AWS Certified Database Specialty Exams ”

Every question has a detailed explanation that explains why an option is correct and why the other options are wrong With deep dive reference link to help you understand the AWS concepts .

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The AWS Certified Database Specialty ( DBS-C01 ) exam is intended for individuals who perform in a database-focused role. This exam validates an examinee’s comprehensive understanding of databases, including the concepts of design, migration, deployment, access, maintenance, automation, monitoring, security, and troubleshooting.

What’s included ?

These practice questions have been designed after thoroughly reviewing the exam blueprint and analyzing exam expectations Across the 2 practice exams + one Bonus, we cover all core concepts related to :

  • Workload-Specific Database Design .
  • Deployment and Migration .
  • Management and Operations .
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting .
  • Database Security .


These AWS Certified Database Specialty practice exams have a passing score of 75% but we highly encourage you to repeat taking these exams again and again until you consistently reach a score of 85% or higher on each exam.

Remember that using this product alone does not guarantee you will pass the exam as you still need to do your own readings and hands-on exercises in AWS. Nonetheless, these Database practice exams provide a comprehensive assessment on which knowledge area you need improvement on and even help you achieve a higher score!

Who this course is for:

  • IT Professionals who are planning to take the AWS Certified Database Specialty exam
  • Students and professionals who want to deepen their knowledge in AWS

Who this course is for:

  • This course for students who want to prove him selves and to get certified on AWS Certified Database Specialty

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