Attitude of Gratitude

A value that is missing in this century

What you will learn

Tools on how to practice Gratitude


In my experience, I find that many lack this basic value of Gratitude because they don’t know how to practice it.  What we will learn is a daily practice that will help us break old bad habits and create new positive ones.

Gratitude is simply being thankful, being ready to show appreciation for something and to return kindness. It is also an affirmation of goodness. We must also acknowledge that the sources of this goodness could also be outside of ourselves, higher powers if you have a Spiritual mindset. We will talk about Spirituality as a value later in the program. As my life went forward, I learnt the power of Gratitude through very basic daily practices and I can tell you that “it works”. Take your time when understanding where you are now with Gratitude in your life and where you would like to be. Remember it does not take much effort to just say “Thank You” or “I AM Thankful or Grateful”. Just by practising this daily it has made an immense difference to my life, I cannot wait to wake up in the morning and start my day, I am always excited and grateful for a new day.

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Attitude of Gratitude Part 1

Learning a new technique
Breaking bad habits
Gratitude within Communities
How important is your health?
How important are our Families?
Gratitude with friends
Moving forward

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