ARCAtypes: Rapid Self-Awareness and Life Purpose

Award-winning and bestselling research to answer your biggest question: “Who am I and why am I here?”

What you will learn

Rapid or even instant self-awareness. The reason why you’re here- your purpose in life- is a function of who you truly are. This is step one.

Knowledge of your purpose in life. Once you know your ARCAtype, your true self, then your purpose in life is just one obvious step away.

Better professional life. When you know your purpose in life, you know what you should be doing each day. Additionally, awareness of ARCAtypes for influencing.

Suppression of ego for less anxiety and depression and more love, gratitude, and joy.

Love of self through knowledge of self, leading to love of others. A starting point for personal growth, mindfulness, and self-control


Something is driving you

… something deep inside you, and it’s calling you to action.

That “something” is an ARCAtype ™, and it’s the key to answering the biggest question any human can ask themselves:

“Who am I and why am I here?”

The benefits of the awareness and integration of your ARCAtype are:

Self- awareness

Detailed knowledge of your purpose in life

Suppression of ego for less anxiety and depression and more love, gratitude, and joy

Love of self through knowledge of self, leading to love of others

Awareness of other ARCAtypes for better relationships and working relationships

A starting point for personal growth, mindfulness, and self-control

Self-esteem and confidence

In what has been called a “groundbreaking” finding, allow me to explain the development and definition of these ARCAtypes that’s been built on the work of the greatest psychoanalysts and philosophers of our time such as Jung and Nietzsche.

You’re probably aware of the mystery and power of the subconscious mind. It’s the source of dreams and déjà vu…

Most of all, you are not in control of it; it’s actually in control of you.

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It’s evidently something separate to your conscious mind. In effect, there are two of you; you have two minds- conscious and subconscious, and they each have their own agenda.

Jung answered skeptics of this principle by saying:

“They argue naively that such an assumption implies the existence of two subjects, or (to put it in a common phrase) two personalities within the same individual. But this is exactly what it does imply- quite correctly.”

Now, what if I told you that your subconscious also contains a fully formed personality blueprint, complete with inherent gifts and flaws, that forms the “nature” part of your personality, the most dominant part of it?

That’s to say it is prenatal, preexistent, it was there at your conception.

That personality blueprint in your subconscious is your ARCAtype, and awareness of it holds the key to personal power.

Nietzsche said of this driving entity inside you: “Behind your thoughts and feelings, my brother, stands a mighty commander, an unknown sage.”

Now consider that we have agreed that your subconscious is a separate entity from you because you are not in control of your subconscious; it is in control of you. As Jung said, “The one thing we refuse to admit is that we are dependent upon ‘powers’ that are beyond our control.”

Based on that fact, because your ARCAtype dwells in your subconscious, then you must conclude that your ARCAtype is in control of you.

Taking back control of and harnessing the power of your ARCAtype is to awaken the “god” or “giant” within that so many thought leaders and motivational gurus have touched on. Perhaps this is even the basis of all spirituality. This course will show you in detail exactly who your “god” inside you is.

With ARCAtypes, seeing is believing, and I’ll show you how to “see” your ARCAtype.

For the last decade I’ve been “seeing and believing” by writing books, conducting seminars, and helping clients with identification and integration of their ARCAtypes. I’d like to help you, too, as I share my award-winning and bestselling research on this fascinating and game-changing phenomenon that I believe to be the gateway to a new and crucial evolution in human happiness.

You be the judge in the truth and power of this… as you come face to face with your own ARCAtype in this course. There are only 14 ARCAtypes, and we must urgently reveal which one is yours, for rapid self-awareness and discovery of your real-life “superpower!”




What is assimilation and why do we need this step?
What are the ARCAtypes?
Where did ARCAtypes come from and why do they exist?
Why ARCAtypes are the key to self-awareness
Why ARCAtypes are the key to knowing our purpose in life
Assimilation Assessment


Seeing is Believing
The ARCAtype living in your subconscious


What’s driving you?
Finding your exact purpose in life


What is amalgamation?
How can you amalgamate your ARCAtype?
The “god” inside you
Crafting your Personal Legend
Additional Powerful Applications of ARCAtype awareness

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