APA style 7th Edition – application practice (word office)

Getting your APA format and all assignment must do’s.

What you will learn

making an assignment

formatting paragraphs in word office

sectioning chapters

learn APA formatting

learn Vancouver formatting


master degree





7th edition

style APA

Paper writing

A+ paper writing



In this course you will learn and understand how to format your assignment according to your collage, school. With a better understanding for the format a better marks are to be expected. this course include the way you can reference Vancouver and APA style.

How to section your paragraphs and number them different numbering systems. also explain why its necessary doing these section and why were they made for what reason.

I have also added many cool tips and some ways that I used to do my research this should get you started and prepared for your final assignment incase you were a senior, student.

as you grow intro watching the last videos you should/must have an idea about app format and how it should look like.

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*this is course is very job oriented tutorials at most, you will see me explaining briefly about each subject and straight to the point no introduction in each video so the videos are condensed and shortly advised*

your assignment will end up looking professional and stands out as a research, thesis, assignment school work these tips are insured to boost your work to look completely different if you haven’t done or started editing this course is perfect for you.

this course is academically related.




Course Materials

Paragraph style formatting

Configure you paragraph style.
Finding your paragraph
Find your citation

Starting your paragraph

Heading and Sub-Headings
Numbering your Headings
Small errors in heading and sub-headings
Quick tip for reports and story assignments

Layout and chapters and numbering

Sectioning and chapters
Fix page breaks
Page numbering
Different numbering systems according to sections
Running Head
Layout Margins


Apa, Vancouver referencing
Writing Your Citation

Quick Tips

Improve your writing skills
Use better words
Adding comments
Summary to the course
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