Am I a Good Boss? (Three Things to Think About)

Essential Management, Supervisory and Leadership Skills

What you will learn

What to expect from the people you lead

What others expect from you as their boss

How to behave in ways that help you as a boss (including behavior checklist to download)

The types of conversations you should be having as a boss

What good conversations with your people look like

Some common misconceptions about managing, and how to avoid them

How Ana, Max and Jakob got it wrong as bosses


This course, hosted by veteran facilitator Annette Poro, from Live and Learn is a must for anybody who  wants to develop in their role as supervisor, leader,  manager or ‘boss’ of any kind.  It is an interesting mix of expert lectures and animations, with a downloadable checklist and a quiz to test your knowledge.

First you will learn about some common misconceptions that bosses have, particularly new bosses.

Then you learn what to expect from your people as a boss, and you will explore what they expect from you.

Bosses often overlook that their day to day behavior is critical to success, because the behavior of the boss is constantly sending subtle but very important messages to team members. The course explores this and helps you to become more aware of your behaviors, as the boss.

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The final section looks at how you can put conversations at the heart of your style of managing and get  the most from those conversations.

Throughout the course you are provided with examples in the form of animations. The course is full of ideas and practical tips to help you be a great boss who both gets things done and has great working relationships with your people.

Dip in and have a look…it’s free!



Welcome to the course, and a bit about common boss misconceptions…


What do you expect from your people? What do they expect from you?

Managing Expectations

How should you behave as a ‘boss’?

Boss Behaviors

How conversations can help you as a boss, and how to get that right

Conversations With the Boss

Quiz to Recap Your Learning

Quiz to Recap Your Learning

A Final Word

A Final Word from Annette Poro

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