AdobeXD MasterClass-Become a Professional UI/UX Designer

In this Adobe XD Course You Will Learn the Basics to Advanced of Adobe XD&Will Design Adobe XD Mobile and Web App UI/UX

What you will learn

You will design a complete Social Media App using adobe XD

You will learn how to work with the adobe XD

You will learn the basic to advanced level of adobe XD

You will learn how to design a Mobile app using adobe XD

Advanced features of adobe XD

How to design real adobe XD Project

How to do prototyping in adobe XD

Adobe XD Scroll View

Adobe XD Grid System

Adobe XD Color gradient


Adobe XD is one of the best software for designing UI/UX. Adobe XD designer has a huge demand in the current job market. In this course, you will learn from the very basic to advanced level of adobe XD. First, you will learn all the basic tools of Adobe XD that you will have to use for your project. Once you have learned all the basics of Adobe XD you will start learning advanced features of Adobe XD. You will build a couple of real-world projects and you will be able to add it to your profile.

Here are some lists, that you are going to learn in this class:

  1. All the tools of Adobe XD.
  2. How to work with the component of Adobe XD.
  3. How to work with the color asset of Adobe XD.
  4. You will learn the uses of Adobe XD Plugin.
  5. Adobe XD Scroll View(Vertical and Horizontal Scroll View).
  6. How to create a group and duplicate the group data.
  7. Different kind of short cut key that helps a lot to speed up the working process.
  8. Adobe XD Color, Color gradient, and Colors Shadow.
  9. Text style and text Asset.
  10. The uses of Prototyping and animation.
  11. How to use repeat grid tools.
  12. How to do prototyping using a key.

You will design a complete social media app in this class. While you will design this app, you will end up learning how to use all the tools and features of Adobe XD in a real-world project. This Social media app will have different sorts of pages and it will help you to learn how to work on different types of requirements.

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Here are the lists:

  • You will design a Sign in and Sign Up Page.
  • You will learn how to work with the bottom bar.
  • You will design the Home page of the Social media app.
  • How to design a Friend List page
  • How to design a Chat page
  • How to design a message UI.
  • Social media profile page.




*** Adobe XD Basic Tools

Section Intro
Adobe XD Introduction Part-1
Rectangle Tool Part-2
Elipse Tool Part-3
Polygon Tool Part-4
Line Tool Part-5
Pen Tool Part-6
Text Tool Part-7

*** Adobe XD Scroll View

Scroll View Section Introduction
Vertical Scroll View Part-1
Horizontal Scroll View Part-2
Scroll View App Part-3

***Adobe XD Prototyping

Prototyping Section Introduction
Artboard Design for Prototyping Part-1
Prototyping and Animation Part-2
Prototyping Using Keys Part-3

*** Design a social media app (Project-1)

Create Project Part-1
Sign In Page design Part-2
Sign Up Page design Part-3
Prototyping and Animation Part-4
Design Bottom bar Part-5
Home Page Design Part-6
Post Design Part-7
Vertical Scroll View and Repeat Grid Part-8
Add Friend UI Design Part-9
Prototyping in bottom bar Part-10
Profile Page UI Design Part-11
Prototyping in profile page Part-12
Chat UI Design and Prototyping Part-13
Group Chat UI Design Part-14
Chat Group Prototyping Part-15
Message UI Design Part-16
Message UI Design Part-17
Prototyping on Message UI Part-18
Create Group Chat UI Design Part-19
Export and Share UI-Design Part-20

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