Adobe After Effects CC Course : Learn Stop Motion Techniques

Stop Motion Animation Slide Show Essential Training in After Effects

What you will learn

You Will Learn Various Stop Motion Techniques

You Will Learn How to Make a SlideShow

You Will Learn How to Create Custom Shapes in After Effects

You Will Learn How to Create Transitions in After Effects

You Will Learn How to Use Various Tools in After Effects in Creative Way

You Will Learn How to Render Final Video Using Media Encoder


In this Course you will learn from Scratch  and how to became a Master in Creating a Stop Motion Slide Show .I Will  Start with Basic Stuff Like Importing Files in After Effects and How to Use Software Shortcuts  and I Will Teach You Amazing Creative Techniques in After Effects and How to Use Various Tools in After Effects and How to Draw custom shapes in After Effects and   in This Course all the Effects are created With Out Third Party Plugins and you Will Learn How to Create Expressions for Some Animations It will Save you a lot of Time .If you Enroll this Course you Learn a lot of new Techniques Which are Very easy to Understand and Practice  With these Easy Techniques you Will Achieve Very High Quality Results and you Will Learn how to Render this Project  in Media Encoder .After Completing this Course Definitely you will a  learn a new Creative techniques  you have any queries regarding this course please Don’t hesitate to ask me and you can be in touch with me and am always available to answer  your questions All the Best

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Brief Understanding of Various Stopmotion Techniques
Creating a Background Texture For Our Scene
Creating Animated Shape Layers
Creating A Circular Shape Animations
Bringing Burger Into Our Scene
Animating Burger
Creating a Long Shadow For Burger
Adding additional Shape Layer Animations
Creating a Text In Our Scene
Animating a Text In Our Scene
Adding Additional Boom Animation Under Text
Creating Additional Noise Texture
Colour Correcting Our Scene and Adding Vibrant Effect To Our Scene
Creating a Transition For Our Scene
Creating a Second Scene For Our Project
Finalizing Our Project and Rendering With Media Encoder

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