A Complete Masterclass of Virtualization from scratch

Learn about Virtualization, VirtualBox, Vmware, Hypervisor, VM, EXSi. Configure and manage Virtual Machines from scratch

What you will learn

Basics of virtualization on VmWare , Virtual Box

Install and configure Virtual Box, VmWare

Troubleshoot everyday Virtual Machines related issues

To Create, edit, power on, snapshot and run Virtual Machines



In this course, you will get a detailed understanding of the components that make up a virtual environment to lay a strong foundation for mastering computer virtualization and is designed for beginners who have little or no knowledge of virtualization. You will grasp the concept of virtualization and how it is used in corporate environments.

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Virtualization is one of the most interesting and beneficial concepts in today’s IT world. Nearly everyone in IT has heard of virtualization and most have some experience with virtual datacenters. This video training “VMware vSphere Virtualization from scratch” is created with a focus on IT professionals that are trying to learn virtualization, but could not figure out where to start as most training out there assume you already know the concept and start at a more advanced level than a total beginner. This training was created to fill that gap and to help network admins, storage admins, MS Infrastructure admins, server admins, and so on catch up with the virtualization boat before it’s too late.

In addition to the lectures, there will be quizzes, homework, and hand-out material just like a live classroom training





Basic Definitions

Difference between simulation, emulation and virtualization
Emulation Example

Virtualization Concept

Origin of concept of virtualization
Checking Resource Utilization
Checking Resource Utilization in Windows
Benefits of Virtualization
Properties of Virtualization
Types of Virtualization
OS Virtualization


What is Hypervisors
History of Hypervisor
Types of Hypervisors

Virtual Box

Installing Virtual Box
Basics of Virtual Box
Creating First VM
Additional settings for VirtualBox
Setting up bridged network in VirtualBox
In Depth Look at creating a VM
Advanced VirtualBox Settings
Advanced VirtualBox Settings 2
Installing windows in a VM
Making USB devices work with VirtualBox
Using External USB Devices in a VM
Cloning a VM
Booting in cloned machine
Exporting a VM
Importing a VM
Resolving Errors in VirtualBox


A look at VmWare
Creating a VM in VmWare

Type 2 Hypervisors

A deep dive into bare metal hypervisors
A look at ESXi
ESXi Architecture
Installing ESXi
Final Words

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