A Complete guide to reading the forex market structure

Understanding the right and most advanced way to read the market structure7

What you will learn

How to read market structure without any difficulties

How to analyze a multi-timeframe Market Structure accurately

How to identify the true swing structure without difficulties

To differentiate between a Confirmed and Unconfirmed trend without difficulties


Market Structure is perhaps the most important aspect of reading and analyzing the price chart. A good understanding of  Market Structure will improve your trading skill.

My goal in this course is to help understand  market structure so that you can be on the right side of the market. In my years of trading experience, I have come to realize that what many traders lack is a good understanding of the market Structure. The market structure is the backbone of the market and the footprint of the market akers. Without a proper understanding of market Structure, no strategy will yield you consistent results. Believe me when I say market structure will elevate your trading career because it is true. So in this course you will learn market structure in depth so that you can apply the concepts on your charts and elevate your trading to the next level. I will teach you how to identify the real trend of the market and be able to trade in line with the large market players. Whatever strategy you are using whether you are using moving averages, stochastic oscillators, bollinger bands, Support and Resistance, trend lines or the smart money Concept which is my favorite strategy, a good understanding of market structure will enable you to trade the market with confidence

You will learn the real trend of the market

You will learn how to identify the true swing of the market

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You will avoid getting trapped because of false breakouts when you understand the true break of structure

You will understand the importance of strong highs/lows vs weak highs/lows and how you can use them to validate the trend direction

The knowledge of market structure will increase of your market direction accuracy because what I have realized a lot of traders straggle with is to predict the direction of the market.






What is Market Structure?
Basic Market Structure
True Swing Structure
Strong High/Low vs Weak High/Low
Confirmed Vs Unconfirmed Trend
Multi-timeframe Market Structure
Practical Application of Market Structure

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