7 Steps to Set Up Your Study Smart System

How to set up a daily routine to help you study smart and become a high-performance student automatically

What you will learn

How to improve students’ grades and performance at university


Is this course for you? Let me ask you four questions:

  • Are you a student at university?
  • Have you been lying awake at night and worried about your future after your graduation?
  • Are you interested in unlocking your potential and going to the next level of high achievement at university, and becoming successful afterward?
  • Are you willing to keep an open mind and put into work to achieve it?

If your answers are yes, yes, yes and yes, this is a course for you.

I’m Shan Shan, the author of Study Smart at University. In this course, you’re going to learn a simple way to set up a study system that automatically keeps you on track to be a high-performance student on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis, and prepares you to get far ahead for your life and career after your graduation.

Every student can achieve high performance at university, if a system is in place with good studying habits and routines, to improve their study effectiveness and efficiency. In this course, you’ll learn 7 simple steps to help you reach the next level of your high performance:

1.The vision: develop clarity on what you would like to achieve at university

2.The frog: figure out the important tasks that are associated with your vision and make sure they get done

3.The 80/20 rule: the most powerful practice to improve your study effectiveness and efficiency by five times

4.Digital habits: get control of the daily interaction with digital technologies and make them work their best for you

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5.Be a professional: develop a professional attitude and practices for your study

6.The routines: start your day, start and complete your study with a set of rituals to ensure you bring the most of out it

7.Customize: fit all the study strategies and techniques together and form your own study smart system

It’s never too late or too early to set up your study system. This is the right time for you.

If you’re the first year at university and still trying to figure things out. The study system will be the shortcut to help you understand what you want to and be able to achieve at university and go after it. If you’re graduating next year, this system can help you recognize and tackle the needle moving tasks, boost your performance, and prepare you to head to your next level and stage of life.

Trust yourself, take action and make your dream a reality.





7 steps to set up your study smart system

Step 1: The vision
Step 2: The frog
Step 3: The 80/20 rule
Step 4: Digital habits
Step 5: Be a professional
Step 6: The routines
Step 7: Customize

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