3 Effective home workouts with explanation for better life

Learn how to start comfortable Weight Loss | Love workout routine & Learn the main exercises that work perfect


What You Will Learn

Experience a variety of creative agility, bodyweight, hit, strength and mobility training

3 different at-home workout routines for comfortable start to healthy journey

Know the exercises required to gain a good physique and stay motivated

Enjoy after workout feeling


  • NOT Beginner-friendly, Suitable for anyone from intermediate to advanced levels of fitness
  • Comfortable workout clothes and shoes
  • Yoga mat
  • No special equipment required


If you have you been struggling…

  • With your weight loss?
  • Finding a weight loss program that help your reach the results and keep you motivated after
  • To lose weight and fat around your belly? hips? thighs? waist? arms?
  • With fitting into your favorite clothes or jeans anymore?
  • With embarrassment from being seen in your bathing suit?
  • From low confidence and self esteem?
  • With blaming yourself?
  • Any depression?

So how do you lose weight and get ripped without spending a lot of money on “dietary”food  and gy?

  • Get this course if you seriously ready for this interesting journey with me
  • Prepare your gym clothes and yoga mat
  • Think positively and take your time( you not going to achieve big results at once but small ones you will see after a couple of workouts)
  • Give yourself a try

I strongly believe that you absolutely worth to treat your mind and body with good food and workouts. Treating your body right with the proper healthy eating and exercise program is not only a means of losing weight, getting a ripped physique, and showing off your six pack abs.

The most important thing is how you will start look and feel yourself  after getting nice results.

In the Home Transformation Fitness Course : Level 1  that I have created for you, you’ll be able to start your weight loss program ,tone your body.

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For getting a healthy looking body  you don’t need gym or heavy weights.(to get big muscles, unfortunately, you need heavy weight).

But, if your desire is to lose weight (and lot’s of it), tone up, shape up and get super-fit, this course is  exactly for you.

There is nothing impossible.Just depends how much you will pay(not money ) for what you would like to see at the end 🙂

And I’m happy to help you be the best version of yourself.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for ANYONE who wants to be healthy and have the best shape ever and stay for the rest of their Life
  • It is for intermediate and athletes:)There are techniques in this course that will help you to better understand your body and muscles
  • I recommend that this course is not for you if you have: any problems with heart, chest or neck pain, dizziness , joint or bone problems, other health problems! Better check with your doctor before you begin any sort of exercise or nutrition program.
  • For anyone who tried different workouts and couldn’t successfully achieve or improve health and body conditions

Course content

2 sections • 9 lectures • 1h 35m total length

  • Workout 1 sequence .Explanation


  • Workout 2 sequence .Explanation


  • Workout 3 sequence.Explanation


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