(2) LT_ Location & Transportation of LEED BD+C v4

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What You Will Learn

div>LEED Location and Trasportation

LEED Neighrbood with BDC

LEED Site Selection

LEED Communication, Bicycle, Vehicles

LEED Land Protection

Energy and Environmental Design Concept


  • passion for sustainabilty


LEED BDC v4, Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, Building Design & Construction v4.0

Second Credit Category: LT_ Location & Transportation

It contains 0 Prerequisite and 8 Credits:










Site is under certified LEED-Neighborhood Development area


Prime farmland, Floodplains, Habitat, Water bodies, Wetlands


Option 1 Historic District

Find a historic district, determined by local agency

select an ‘infill’ location to be your project site.

Option 2 Priority Designation

2-1 EPA NPL, Environmental Protection Agency National Priorities List

2-2 Federal Empowerment Zone site

2-3 Federal Enterprise Community site

2-4 Federal Renewal Community site

2-5 (NMTC) New Markets Tax Credit Program –

2-6 HUD’s QCT & DDA

US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s

Qualified Census Tract (QCT) or Difficult Development Area (DDA).

Option 3 Brownfield Remediation

ASTM E1525-05 or local equivalent

ASTM E1903-11 or local equivalent


Option 1 Surrounding Density

Option 1- A. Combined Density (imperial units or metric units)

Option 1-B. Separate Residential & Nonresidential Densities

DU : Dwelling Unit

FAR: Floor-Area Ratio

Option 2 Diverse Uses

1 Food retail,

2 Community-serving retail,

3 Services,

4 Civic & community facilities

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5 Community & anchor uses – Commercial office


Three conditions:

1 Walking distance (not straight-line distance)

2 Existing or planned – transit services, they must be

funded, under construction when certificate of occupancy,

will be completed within 2 years.

3 Minimal amounts of trips


Bicycle Network

Bicycle Storage & Shower Rooms

Case 1. Commercial or Institutional Projects

Case 2. Residential Projects

Case 3. Mixed-Use Projects


Case 1. Baseline Location

Case 2. Dense and/or Transit-Served Location

Suggested strategies:

1 Telecommuting

2 Shuttles

3 Shared parking between uses

4 Residential units rented or sold separately from parking

5 Transit subsidy

6 Compressed workweek schedule


ACEEE’s vehicle rating guide

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

Option 1. Electric Vehicle Charging

EVSE, Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment

Option 2. Liquid, Gas, or Battery Facilities

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However, we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy.

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He-Kui Sustainability Matters

Ming-Feng Nian, Chicago Booth MBA,

LEED AP (Legacy+5 Specialties), WELL AP, SITES AP, EDGE Expert, TURE Advisor, Urban Greenhouse Gas Inventory Specialist,

Project/Portfolio/Risk Management Professional, Scheduling Prof

essional, Professional in Business Analysis, Agile Certified Practitioner

Who this course is for:

  • Architects
  • Architecture Students
  • No architectural designing experience required

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Course content

1 section • 8 lectures • 47m total length

  • E06-LT_C1-LEED_for_Neighborhood_Development_Location

    Course content

    1 section • 8 lectures • 47m total length

; Transportation of LEED BD+C v48 lectures • 48min

  • E06-LT_C1-LEED_for_Neighborhood_Development_Location


  • E07-LT_C2-Sensitive_Land_Protection


  • E08-LT_C3-High-Priority_Site


  • E09-LT_C4-Surrouning_Density_and_Diverse_Uses



  • E10-LT_C5-Acces_to_Quality_Transit


  • E11-LT_C6-Bicycle_Facilities


  • E12-LT_C7-Reduced_Parking_Footprint

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  • E13-LT_C8_Green_Vehicles


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